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Artist: Above the Law 
Album:  Vocally Pimpin' EP
Song:   4 the Funk of It (Radio Edit)
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[Intro: KM.G W/ Echoes]
The Pimp Clinic, Above the Law..
The Pimp Clinic, Above the Law..
187Um, and I'm KM.G, Go-Mack with the sack, Total K-Oss
For the funk of it..

[Cold 187Um overlapping KM.G]   
Boo yaa, right about now I'ma got to drop some flyyyyyy
Flyyyyy, some cooooooooooooooooooooooooool
And I'ma drop the bomb like this to you

[Verse 1: Cold 187Um]
Now, here's another way to get payin'
I'm million dollar player, not the million dollar man
G, I break the woman like glass
And if she give up a lyin' I put foot into her ass
Nigga, I kick back sometimes with the street hustlers
But you can cope some dope wine, and toss some 40s like a motherfucker
I think it's.. I'm pumped another fly hit up
I play it from the Old to New School, trick school up
You hooked to my style like a fiend on coke
It's like the moral junky you get, the mortal junky smoke
I don't slip, but I stalk with the whip 
Cause I'm vocally pimpin, while I'm proud I'm gifted
But yo, once I'm pimpin, the whores all know I got a gang of them
Who give the fuck if she claimed nothin?
Cause late at night, I got the creeps real low
I throw a penny at the window, she be ready to go "OOOHHH"
I wouldn't treat her like the sneak, I treated her just like a queen
Take straight to the Mongareen, and did the wild thing
Yo, then I went back to the set
And if my homies ain't stossin' out, I'm takin' last  one to move on
I got to kill this though, if my homies can't have some "Sure baby"
What's the matter baby, I thought you wanna have some?
Cause you whore, is not our whore
And incase you didn't know, your girl swings low
Flipped into a spot 
on a strip, break a fool off a mega somethin'
So don't trip, cause I'm a South Central player and I gotta admit it
Last fool tried to face this, we got him ass kicked
They call me a G but I ain't never gangbanged "Gangster"
Maybe because all the Keys I slanged
They call me hustler cause the money I make
You know, why they call you a player? ---> KM.G
Maybe because all the Fs I break

Yeah, the industry is delicious and I'm all up in it

[Verse 2: Cold 187Um]
Don't worry about it, baby, cause I got some new tricks
So here we go, here we go, here we go, C-O-L-D
187Um from the A-T-L Posse
How you gonna tell me where I'm ought to be within or where I been?
Understand where I'm comin' from?
How you gonna tell me that you digged me when you digged whack dumbs?
They don't wanna understand where I'm comin' from ---> KM.G
No, I still backin the breaks, just from the same old figures
Who steal the rag from the ragidy and comin' up much faker
Cause I say: about ten years from now, I'll be finicially stable 
And I can probably take the piles on a turn, look back over the field
To see my Ups and Down, to see the caps I peeled
And see the people who are still, down for the crown
You know, I have to give a shout out to the underground "That was fry"
So players, let's just chill cause things are better
And remember like mostly boy, nothin' changes but the weather
Cause I'm the Coldest, the Colder, the 187
The one that's known to put the fly pimp hit together

Well, it's me, KM.G the mega pimp on call
I'm the one that's known for bumpin' the walls

[Cold 187Um]
And in the back, who's that?
A man with the style, a ballin' young player and his name is Go-Mack

And the Gangster, who was ready to toss
Some call him stacking-berry known as Total K-Oss

[Chorus: DJ Total K-Oss & Go-Mack]
Four niggaz under our groove
Well, alright y'all gettin' one ---> Kokane
Gettin' down just for the funk of it
Four niggaz, we're on the move
Nothin' can stop us now, uhhhhhhh
Pimp Clinic, Pimp Clinic         ---> KM.G

Four niggaz under our groove
Gettin' down just for the funk of it
Four niggaz, we're on the move
For the funk of it               ---> KM.G
Nothin' can stop us now, uhhhhhhh
Pimp Clinic, Pimp Clinic         ---> KM.G

[Cold 187Um overlapping the above Choruses]   
Yo, one time for your mind, two times for your souls
91 style, 92 style, 93 style, 94 style, 95 style, 96 got a bad tricks
97 got the fly pimp hits together
Yes 98, lay on the straight K, I can't be played
Nooooooooohhh, ha ha ha ha, I bump the flyest rhymes 'til 10 thousand
That's right, I'm out here
LawHouse, peace..

[Outro: w/ minor variations DJ Total K-Oss & Kokane]
Four niggaz under our groove
Gettin' down just for the funk of it
Four niggaz, we're on the move
Nothin' can stop us now, uhhhhhhh

For the funk of it               ---> KM.G
For the funk of it               ---> KM.G