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Artist: Above the Law 
Album:  Uncle Sam's Curse
Song:   Set Free
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[Intro: Cold 187Um]
We were once uhh.. being kings and queens
And now we have became just enslaved
We were once uhh.. being in America
But now we have just became slaves
We were once uhh.. being in Africa
But now we have became just the product of..
Saperated in souls and hearts that we call sets
I wanna be free, uhh.. free, free!!

[Verse One: Cold 187Um]
Yo, I was known as a player, mamma had to break her neck 
Coming up hard in the west Dollas projects
Thinking into myself, I can live or either die here
So when I step, yo, I step with no fear
Cause you can either get your bang on
Or you can get your slang on
In the 90's on the westcoast
Uhh.. yeah, so let me take a toast
Or have a boast from 
my homies, my comrades, my dogs, my locs
Yeah, Peace for you, cause it's rough in the bay
That's why we always staying high of that d-ay
Trying to stay high; cause the system always trying to keep us down
Haayyy, so I clown, cause I get down
Plotting as a nation of niggaz that want me to keep it underground
Yo, I ain't this dead nigga, so I ain't mislaid nigga
Call me the head nigga, straight call fed nigga
Then you get two souses for relief
By straight get served on the 1st of Fifteen
I used to be your breaker, I used to be your popper
But my first; dead beef as I hate the short stopper
My second; a nigga trying to play me for some pussy
Just my homie Sam tried to play for this bitch named Cookie
He's a rookie trying to play a man's game
But he don't know, how I got a brought, how I got a came
[KM.G] There's always some kind of drama 
That's why I'm crazy, blame it on my mamma
It's not what you get out of life, it's what you make of it
Get your hustle on and you will bone the benefits
I've been working hard for ten years, I'm a Gee
And how I keep it, is by staying set free, yeah

[Chorus: Cold 187Um Chanting]
Shot Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, Technique
Shot Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, stay with me
Shot Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, Set free
Shot Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, Chup-a-lot, Stay with me
Set Free, Set Free, Set Free.. 

[Verse Two: KM.G]
Check it out
I love the way your brass bitch ?? across the floor
I can't forget the past y'all, the sweat starts to pour
Down my body, I pause as I stand up out the window
I've think of what I got then I've think of what I've been through
I've reminisced about the motherfucking old days
Old lays, and how we was in motherfucking pain
Rolling with my partner, to get a fucking zone
Scared to hold some cocaine, I think it was eighty four
A year later, still living off that shit
Counting a little paper as the world takes hits
And hits; sets over here, sets over there
You can tell they're set by the stars and they brags in the air
Bailing through the motherfucking street
Like this is a war, but thangs are motherfucking free
As the news starts to glorify them homicides and drive-bys
While we get high and rock them fly rhymes
Still serving them power by the gram
While some of niggaz go to the pen, it's up to Uncle Sam
Keeping brothers in check, keeping buds on deck
White man keep us starving with no respect
So think about it, when you hustle with your gang

[Cold 187Um] 
Still gonna trying to keep breaking the chain
Just to stay uhh.. Free!
Yeah, set free

[Chorus: Cold 187Um Chanting]