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Artist: Above The Law
Album:  VSOP 12" (Unreleased Director-s Cut)/Video Edition
Song:   VSOP (Remix)
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[Intro: Cold 187Um Talking]
ha ha ha, welcome to the tilt that G's built
ha aaaa, this verse will goes out to all you nonbelievin'
fake funkin', didn't think we gonna make another record
ha aaaa, jokes on you
this is how we burn the mothafucker down
let us do this, yeah, light it up, it's on

[Hook: Km.G]
you can try that herb son   (*Tire screeching*)
you can try that herb son   (*car crushed*)
you can try that herb son   (*Sample of car alarm*)
you can try that herb son   (*Sample of police Sireens*)

V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P
Very fine, yeah, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, aww come on
V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P awww

[Verse 1: Cold 187Um and Km.G]
alright first off then let me introduce my self
I'm the C to the O-L-D, one Eighty Seven
oooh I heard that the player with the Speech
cause it's me KM.G more flex then sex of the bitch
ooh yes, my brother takes two to the tangle
and since we got them when we get them, we better use the right angle
so I'ma push, push in the back of the bush
cause it's a wonderful for feelin'
yeah, cause we got the good for y'all suckers in ninety deuce
the whole part of gaffle, the whole gallon of zeuce
so I'ma ease up on them, real quick watch me hit them
brothers fall on the racial, what we hit them up for
cause when I'm on the bounce, I roll with the set then comin' out
to take your car, your women, your whole damn house
so now I strapped with the quickness "yeah"
I flex my ends into my Benz and let God be the witness
oooh I'm finna teach you how the body slam, let me show you
but steppin' to my ball I got somethin' dope for you
so hold zone, to my willie
and don't be scared when we do the bug boogie
yeah, it's like bam bam, bambam, that's the sound of my heater
when the ill stuff jumps
I keep it strickly confidential, bullet Proof is requested
got the fits in my hand and I've already blessed it
so toast to the record G
cause I'm C-O-L-D, the beat is kinda helpin' and I'm tipsy
cause every thing is on the one, it's a natural high
when I get to the hook of the joint, you know why.........

[Chorus: Km.G]
everything is fine when you're rollin' with your homies and a little bit of
all the niggas gettin' high with a whole lot of chronic and a gollan of a
if you wanna feel fine, free your mind to the mega shots of V.S.O.P
now you gotta get hype and you turn into G with a little bit of V.S.O.P

[Verse 2: Cold 187Um and Km.G]
to G or not to G, which is the answer, out of control
console your soul
yeah they're schemin' on the big hit, and tryin' find a quick pick
lookin' for a real shit      (*Tires Screeching and car Crush*)
hold up, but that's counterfeit
on the real the funk don't appeal
you think you got clout, but you really down and out
so hold on tight, as we take you down the running way
how many, how many times I got to tell you that I don't play
ooh and if you don't know, I have to change my barrel
cause I roll on my ride around the way to Sack
oooh, yeah we did it like Venus
see it's been like 89 since the last time you've seen us
tell me, my peoples did you miss me on the real
who's never Paper tramps like hollyfield
yeah, vision this, that sucker tried to sky me
when I'm harder then Kuwait or california earthquake
cause I got the munchies for your love so come and kick it
but you better come prepared cause it gets kinda wicked
yeah, cause you can walk a blank if you schemin' for my bank
don't play me like a trick, yo my name ain't Marry
cause every thing is on the one, it's a natural high
when I get to the hook of the blunt, you know why.........

[Chorus: Km.G]
every thing is fine when you're rollin' with your homies and a little bit of
when I was at the mall the other day I saw some honeys and I offered them
some V.S.O.P
now the party was pumpin' when the brother bailed in with a gang of V.S.O.P
at the end of the jam you should all run out and get a gallon of V.S.O.P

[Outro: Km.G and Cold 187UM]
V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P-> (*whispering*)
V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P, V.S.O.P-> (*whispering*)

(*saxophone solo plays til fade*)