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Artist: Above the Law 
Album:  The Lawhouse Experience Volume 1 
Song:   You Might Get Stuck 
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[Intro: KM.G]
Yeah, Above the Law! 
This is The Lawhouse Experience
Yeah, did you ever get fucked up?

[Verse One: KM.G]
Laced in ninety six and I'm feeling rowdy
Baby got no time for honeys looking tired
Only the fly things touch, my passenger seat
I smoke some hell of Chron' and still rocks the motherfucking pimp beats
I bought my homeys Eight Fifty; Farouk, I'm looking spiffy 
I'm wet, I hit the City Pimp shit, fools all at my system
Yeah, I'm listening to my homey from prison
He called Collect, I got respect 
Cause his baby mama looks good (That's right) 
She rolling a blue S-Class all up in the hood
With her homegirls We-Dub
Silicon whores flossing with them fake ass D-Cubs
I paid attention cause I forgot to mention that I'm hitting it
Glove fitting it, and whores tricking in a minute
I was colder than the Clinic cause it pays the pimp
And I'm down with Above the Law because I ain't a fucking wimp
Shrimps and Lobsters, is how a nigga get his grub on
After that I get my smooth love on
Drastically; I got a freak, I'ma do it dirty dastardly
You know what I mean?
Reminiscing how I made you twist and shout
Watching a video tape; on the way up to Lawhouse
I want y'all; to feel me (Yeah) as I keep shit, stuck to me
[Chorus: Cold 187Um]
Put two to your head; with the infrared
Can you feel me? - Can you feel me?
Bitches shaking their asses, keeping the niggaz energized 
Can you feel me? - Can you feel me?
Hustlers doing it hard; coming through like a Mack Truck
Can you feel me? - Can you feel me?
If you get too close, you might get stuck
And then you'll get fucked

[Verse Two: Cold 187Um]
I come loose with a gang juice just like them high performance dumps
I'm strapped with a nine millimeter glock in case some static jumps
I'm like The D.O.C. because No One Can Do This Better
I'm flier than Pretty Tony and Goldie put together
I've been around the world and I've saw every type of suckers
So it's easy for me to separate the players from the busters
I'm a.. night stalker, killer from the Boom Dox
Still fuck a bitch, still fuck the cops
Cause when I get stripped, I be on some new Improved shit
Like the Ninety Six Suburban with the duly hits
I make my money by the minute, by the week I get rich
Smooth like a hustler, and deadly like a convict
I do a lick real quick
If it's air tight set up, busters got to be enough
You can't be dodging no Feds, for no dimes or no nickles
And how I treat my whores; I treat them cold as an icicle
Pay attention player, while I speak
If a bitch disrespect you, introduce her to the concrete
Now that's some high powered pimp shit
Introduced to you; early on 
The Lawhouse Experience
Now motherfuckers do you feel me?
Because I keeps these whores stuck to me (Yeah!)

[Chorus: KM.G]

Yeah, what's up? - y'all know who it is?
Still bending them corners, selling them bitches
Having a half wide, West Side, yeah
Still breaking them laws, Above the Law that is
Lawhouse, Origin-als, yeah, Origin-als, yeah
I got to give up to the gang; Total Koas, Billy Mack
Yeah, Lay Law, slay raw, yeah, and 187Um
Yeah, and to The Chicken Patrol, yeah, the Chicken Patrol
Y'all know who y'all he is, check it out

[Hook: KM.G] 
I ain't gonna let you get close to me
I ain't gonna let you get stuck to me
I ain't gonna let you get close to me
I ain't gonna let you get stuck to me
Can you feel me?

[Chorus: Cold 187Um]

[Hook: KM.G]
Yeah, oh! nine, nine, nine, nine, nine