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Artist: Above the Law f/ Coolio, Kokane (Pimp Clinic Gang)
Album:  The Lawhouse Experience Volume 1 
Song:   Entrance 
Typed by: dy_face@yahoo.Com

[Opening Skit: various voices and conversations]

Yo, what's up? ~ this is Coolio with the flow
And it's time to take you on a journey back in time by way of the future
As we're ending to the next century
By way of the Grandmasters of the funk; enter the Round of ACTUAL Reality
This is; the Law House Experience!

[Kokane] Fuck what you gon' do?

[Cold 187Um]
The year is two thousand eight
And all funky ass gangster shit is getting paid
When there's a head full of niggaz
Yeah, rebel against the world figures
And against the system just.. in compilation
Let's do this one-three-five-O in position of dope ass minister
This is the Law House Experience!
So don't get it twisted, doing it into your earholes 
Ha ha ha ha, regulating the East, South and Welcome West
Sowing up your shit, Law House, so act like you know, bitch

[Kokane singing] 
Alright, Alright

[Cold 187Um]
Just like them punk ass motherfuckers