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Artist: Above the Law
Album:  Livin' Like Hustlers
Song:   Menace to Society
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Today in South Central violence is an all-time high
Due to the terrorist group ATL
You might label them as being a menace to society

Now it's a well-known factor why I can't be caught
Now see the law's got a problem, and they gotta be taught
That I'ma fatally get ill when I come to a jam
I got to dust a sucker off just to state who I am
Cause I'm Cold, just like the middle of the winter
And every jam that I play, they wanna enter
Come in, but ain't no suckers admitted
We tell em all straight up, they need to quit
Stop clownin me, cause they all wanna be down with me
Cause when I put down the mic, they are surroundin me
Clockin steady dollars, every single word
Say it loud, like I'm proud, cause I got to be heard, nerd
You been mistaken when you thought I was a criminal
Use my lyrics deadly, just like a chemical
It's essential to my path, it's my limit
But I go overboard by the time that I finish
Yo, it doesn't symbolize we great, or we good
It's just a pay-off from the trade that we learn in the hood
Should you be surprised that the hood'll pay off
But it won't, if you choose to walk and speak soft
Deep into my lyrics you sink, quicker than quicksand
That's how we separate the boys from the men
When you open up the page to the L.A. Times
You see a sucker's been killed for stealin our rhymes
Cause I'm a menace

(Menace to society)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
To society
(Yo man, personally I like the group)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
Cause I'm a menace
(Menace to society)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
To society
(Over 50% of the population has already been overtaken by the group)

Now it's time to go off, somebody got me pissed
So I'ma diss and twist till there's no one to deal with
I skeezed all the freaks in the place, that was the format
Then why you stopped? A sucker got ill and then I had to pull a gat
See, I gotta put em in check
Cause when we walk in a joint, we get big respect
He's still frontin like he gotta confront
He only set up himself, so he can straight get pumped
It's his decision, but he has been mislead
You can take the caution, but there's danger ahead
But you're a stoolie, so I'ma play you like a rookie
I'ma beat you down like gambler owes a bookie
Cause yo, you know I gotta have it
Bein Above The Law is a everyday habit
See, I had to grab it, then I have to take it
Then I have to shake you, then I have to fake you
Out, so don't you even try me
Tryin to fade the crew, and ain't nothin but a blimey
Think to yourself when we're speakin
And I'ma warn you now to be aware when we're creepin
Taggin a brother for his dollar signs
But I know what I am, they know I have nothin to hide
Because the place will be on fire the minute that I finish
Why KM.G? Yo, cause I'm a muthafuckin menace

(Menace to society)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
To society
(Yeah man, they harder than a muthafucka)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
I'm a menace
(Menace to society)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
To society
(Any individuals trying to resist the influence of this group shall be executed)

Why we do it like this? Because we're mentally strong
What's up? Now realize that Lawhouse has got it goin on
Makin, breakin, takin suckers out with only just a word
My style is temporary, so not often ever heard
Usin and abusin every rhythm that I'm rappin to
I'm chilly chill and that's the way that I have to be
Boy, status definitely a 'large'
Warrior ambassador - that means I'm in charge
Up like a Duracel, yeah, I last longer
Suckers weaken while I be gettin stronger
Master rhyme sayer off the top of my brain
Oppositions I'll eliminate, and that could be fatal pain
To your reputation, and your ego breaks out
To the border, amigo, because you know what's up
Windy, whistling, cold like a blizzard
When the group broke out, they said, "Who the hell is it?"
On the mic don't take it light, cause if you bite I'll fight
Don't get mad because your bitch said I sound alright
Because, illeterate fools, you must understand
Although my status is b-boy, I'm stronger than He-Man
That's how I make it, I never fake it
God gave me this talent, and nobody can take it
Away, now that's enough to make you move your butt
Now Total K-oss, Go Mack, take us out with a cut
Cause I'm a menace

(Menace to society)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
To society
(This is some serious shit, man)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
Cause I'm a menace
(Menace to society)
(Cause I walked this path since '88)
To society
(By now over half the world has been contaminated by the group's influences
It is apparent to me that not only South Central Los Angeles is in a rage)