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Artist: Assholes By Nature
Album:  It Is What It Is
Song:   Umm Hmm
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(Chorus - Z-Ro)
Umm Hmm, Uh Uh
Umm Hmm, Uh Huh
Umm Hmm, Uh Uh
Umm Hmm, Uh Huh
Umm Hmm

[Verse 1 - Trae]
Yeah anybody gotta problem with the king of the streets
Tell e'm bring it to the hood I ain't never left
I still got the same weave and bob game posted up(Umm Hmm)
I'm in the ghetto like Joseph Wayne, I'm in the gutta like cooked up 'caine
I'm from the block where they take they claim, and fore they yell out they name they throws it up
Draped in all black, fresh out of Johnny and the shit that I'm on got e'm callin me a Rockstar
Yeah I got alot of Heavy Metal sittin under my seat (Umm Hmm)
Low key when I'm at it late night, but they wanna see you dead'fore they see the day light
one wrong move'll get ya whole body covered up in a sheet(Umm Hmm)
I'm a hundred percent real, nothin here fake
I done been in everything and ain't nothin here break
in a zone everybody better try to get up out of my way(Umm Hmm)
I'm a G - A - N - G - S - T - A, Asshole By Nature - The truth is known as Trae
A H - Town, Hood type version - N.W.A(Umm Hmm)Motherfucker

(Chorus - Z-Ro)

[Verse 2 - Z-Ro]
Who in the hell let the gate open?
that's what they gon be screamin when I come around the corner with the trigga held back
make a motherfucker do a full gana, where he standin at - that's where he landin at(Umm Hmm)
I'm a motherfucker ain't I? plus I'm a son of gun I'm one of the ones everybody don't bother
cause when it get gangsta mayne, I get to doin gangsta things(Umm Hmm)
go to sleep and wake up with my weapon, my enemies must be deleted
I'm harder then the concrete, Screwed Up Click for life
disrespect us we gon'shoot up shit tonight(Umm Hmm)
I'm a mad man killer, shoot a motherfucker then go put e'm in the river
sometimes I feel like my hands where givin to me to slap all the taste buds out ya mouth(Umm Hmm)
And Uh I roll up and down South, Posted up on Martin Luther King boulevard
up in the shift channel to Homestead and down Gulf Bank First, Second, Third, Ward, Fifth Ward(Umm Hmm)
I'm young but I'm old school like Cordoroy and when I get pissed I'll make the whole city take a time out
Z - Ro ain't Baby Face my music'll break your face(Umm Hmm)

(Chorus - Z-Ro)

[Verse 3 - Z-Ro]
Suppose to be down with me, but you stole from me
the record label still ain't come up with my money
baby mama talkin bout filin'child support
aight bitch see yo ass in court(Umm Hmm)
everybody wanna see me flop if I fall off they smile - if I come up they can't stand it
they been tryna get a nigga for eleven years, but I'm a solja still standin godamnit(Umm Hmm)
if you gotta tell somebody you runnin shit then you really ain't runnin shit
cause if you were runnin shit my nigga you would be runnin shit
not bumpin ya gums and shit....Motherfucker - bitch

[Verse 3 - Trae]
Understand that I ain't to be fucked with - I'm legendary in the bottom of the south
and I gotta about a thousand goons I might send your route(Umm Hmm)
and It Is What It Is with me I'm on that duct tape wrapin shit
and out the gate I'll slap ya shit and to the niggas in ya click and yo home(Umm Hmm)
I can make a hoe drop today, empty the clip non stop today
and that's corteousy of the new gun I copped today and then I'm gone (Umm Hmm)

(Chorus Till End)