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Artist: A.B.G
Album:  Hell's Most Wanted
Song:   Here We Come
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Now we some soldiers, some mighty mighty warriors
Who plead the Blood in the name of the Son
Now here my war cry, here we come

I stimulate your mind and thoughts
So we can take the divisionary signs of purpose
Watch cause sin is contagious, while the world keeps contemplatin
The devil tryin to take out us all, untied we stand divided we fall
Lets brawl, instead I rise to satan's camp, marchin in the fast lane
Cause we comin explosive, anointed demolishin everything
No hesitation, we breakin down walls of denomination
While Christ demestrated this love, and squashed the hatin
I've been tryin to reach the world, we cant be faded and penetrated
We take a whole turtle out the shell, the clock steadly ticks
We rollin 24 7 determination, dont need no riches
The reward is up in Heaven

[Chorus 2]
Now we some soldiers, some mighty mighty warriors
The devil tried to hold us back, but there aint no stoppin us
Who plead the Blood in the name of the Son
Now here my war cry, here we come

Uh, picture me rollin as I hit the street
Bringin much heat to all my enemies who tried to creep
Bringin the action guarenteed to fit your statisfaction
Soldiers united, divided and never will it crack us
Now here we come, creepin out of this cut but never will fall
These Sanctafied hustlas , we marchin up and down the wall
For those of you who know us, know we been through struggles
Alot of trials and tribulations, and we in the jungles
Now the 5 of us together standin, and we very proud
Watchin each others backs through everything thats going down
Some times I sit back and Im chillin
Reminiscin on the times I was wishin, to be a rap muscian
To change the world and now its my ambition
Some folks who thought that that we would never make it
But here we is, puttin it down no let down so what now
So bow down to a T H C C O M C I T Y T H U G
Corn rolls back to the archer wit my infatry
Soldier solute now if you wit me
Believe me it aint easy been who we are
Say what you want I dont give a feezy
Still I be ridin til I die, Sanctafied Holy united when Im cryin
We some mighty mighty warriors
We some warriors, we some mighty mighty warriors
We some warriors, we some warriors
We some mighty mighty warriors

[Chorus 2]

They call me soldiers Absolom, what you think Im playin
I come to take this world by storm, steady contemplatin
Im on a mission reachin down the depth, to give me all
The devil try to take me out, but never will I fall
So I raise to my feet, and I praise see
Im quick to flip and cause a hit can you feel me
Put on my armor, grab my puts and Im out the door
Cause Ima soldier for life, and Im prepared for war
Look into my eyes, and tell me what you see
I be that soldier to the fullest in this infaltry
A.B.G. is on a mission makin history
Satan better grab his bag and better hit his feet
Cause here I come

[Chorus 2]

[Snoopy Loc]
Its the incredible, untouchable demon killer
The creased blue khaki wearin chuck wearin what
On the for reala, we get more illa then the rest
We get to hoppin get ya poppin collers off your chest
Puttin them demons to rest, is one of my greatest motivations
Serve the Gospel on the block to those in search of salvation
No more perpatration, devil you cant see me
Wit that illusive type skip, Christ under my black binni
Here we come you cant stop me
It be the S N to the double O P Y L O C
Its becomes killin season til eternaty
And eventually make em feel bad

[Chorus 2]

Now let them bang, not let them war cries rang, this ones Jermaine
Adopted By Grace on the Westcoast, we blowin up everythang
If you can feel me, wave them hands from side to side
It's A.B.G. puttin it down, presentin the Westside
See you cant drop me. see them demons they wanna pop me
Christcyde for life, I dare you to come and stop me
See we some soldiers, comin through your hoods wit the braids
64 convertablies, three wheelin em side ways
In the last days, got you hoppin em on the high ways
5 Gs for life, adopted by God's grace
Here we come baby, we killin the demons and all the evil
Wit 45's, street sweepers and desert eagles

We claimin Lion of Judah, triangle like the Bermuda
The beast is crackin so boo ya, Westiside be bringin it to ya
Say what, so here we come
We sellin it wit no cuts, we packin the heat
And the devil is hittin his feet and you know how we what

We makin em run run now
We hittin em in the face wit drama, the enemies get shut down
The Father the Son the Spirit, we won, now here we come
Like homies dun told ya, we got them strips on our shoulders
We gonna live and die and ride like some soldiers

[Chorus 2]