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Artist: A. Pinks
Album:  A. Pinks the Prequel
Song:   Hit the Lights (I'm On!)
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Sample:  "It's Opportune!"
A. Pinks: "Champagne for my real friends....Hearts Of Men
                Real pain for my sham friends...Dog Eat Dog"
Sample:   "OK,OK,OK!"
A. Pinks:  "LIGHTS OUT N@$%!"

Hit the lights (I'm On!)
I go hard with my hustle, money talks I've been muted to long
Hit the lights (I'm On!)
I wouldn't budge for a bullet, got a penny and a promise to my dogs
Hit the lights (I'm On!)
City slicker in the flesh and I'm fresh, make it do what it do
Hit the lights (I'm On!)
I'm the motherf@!#$in' truth, may the Lord have mercy on you!
Hit the lights (I'm On!)

5 Our Fathers, 10 Hail Marys
They done let a monkey out the cage
I'm feeling like a ghost, my ego's on a flight
I'm cozy as a quilt, see me live there's a donkey on the stage
I'm trying to put my money on a stilt,(stilt)
The way my flow is jumping off the page
You really think I'm dumb enough to kill?(really?)
I'm shining like the sun up in your face
I go harder than you running up a hill (uhh!,uhh!)
{ Hit the Lights (I'm On!) }
On,On like your favorite song when your feeling low
Or feeling on a centerfold (
I'm Gorilla Zoe hood, on a bitter cold beat
That can't reach on your tippy toe good (huh!)
I would let you in on my secret but man...
If I was you, I wouldn't keep it
I'm ether and these ain't Yves Saint either
You ain't got a pair of them Onewayz you need some dog!


Flyin' out the start gate, heart rate racing
Can't nobody f#@! with me
If she don't want to partake in my kind of par-tay
Baby what you doing barking up this tree
I'm on on my off day, I got the goods like a narc raid
Those are not salt grains on my sharp blade honey
Young'n got game like a arcade
I can talk my way outta dark cave
Cause I'm on like you ought to be, like I'm ready for whatever
Your never quite sure what tomorrow brings
And a fools pride wouldn't let me borrow things
I don't go hard I guess I'm just gone starve
In first grade I went for the gold star (got it!)
Nowadays I'm working my gold card
Hotter than anybody I swear
So we can start the show everybody I'm here!


On like porn huh, since I was born
I been stuntin' like a spotlight flashed
I cried two tears, kissed my mother
And I was still naked trying to pop my tags
Cracked my smile, high-fived my dad
Then I had the pretty nurse wash my ass (You Ain't Know?)
It's A. Pinks, if you real like me
Homie then you should feel like me
{ Hit the lights (I'm On!) }
On, On 'till the break of dawn
Then I'm up with the birds in the morning
Wrestle with the wolves, hustle with the lions
I ain't selling you no bull, I'm just smelling manure (eww!)
I'm telling you my pedal to the floor
If it ain't about a penny up yours buddy
What for, money is the root of all evil
And I'm knocking at the devils front door!


"Haha! Ayo Perfect, Hit the Lights (I'm On!)
It's 4th quarter,game 7, the clock tickin,'
My name Pinks yall, Hit the lights (I'm On!)
Who you gonna give the rock to?
Think Pinks people...Hit the lights (I'm On!)
I'm the motherf!@#%in' truth, may the Lord have mercy on you!
Hit the lights (I'm Gone!)