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Artist: A.L.I.A.S.
Album:  The World Ain't Ready! Chapter I: Rise to Power
Song:   For the Love
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For the love

For the love of money, I hustled all in these streets
For the love of honies, I worked seven days a week
For the love of whips, I'm never keepin one car
For the love of the bricks, I represent for all yaw
For the love of fame, I always stay on the go
For the love of the game, keep elevatin my flow
For the love of you, I strive to rise above
why I do what I do, I do it all for the love!

[Verse 1]
I recall doin it all from playin ball to brawls
crackin jaws to breakin laws, I was so off the wall
gun slinger ready to draw leavin the mall in awe
did shortys small to tall, never strapped always raw
but to a dead end street is what I soon foresaw
so I stopped regrouped and got my head together
but without capital unprepared for stormy weather
so I sat back and watched how the world operates
and how money gets made and how it all relates
I seen the joy and the pain from livin life in the ghetto
used to base out fienin to hit high notes like falsetto
bet o, like bo and luke, threw up my dukes for my dogs
after this we made the county hazardous like boss hog
and took it to the next level got more heat than the devil
learn the street codes explode get the dough & maintain it
if you don't know how by now, I ain't got time to explain it

[Verse 2]
as niggaz was steady snappin, I was steady clappin
just so happened through rappin my own life I would save
I wild out no doubt, that shit I'll take to my grave
because tryin to see millions is like one in a million
especially from the south boogie part of town
named after william- mckinley projects. one of those dead presidents
so we about getting money- don't it all make sense
I told brothers stay focused, let's build this foundation
they look at me strange like I'm speakin Alien Nation
po-po took my expo, now I'm out robbin shit
like a pit in a fit, tryin to get a strong lock on it
brothers in detox, nat-i-nel is shot at
one man paralized for life but despite all of that
I try to tell you hold your head I rap to inspire you
just believe in yourself and the rest will follow though
just believe in yourself and the rest will follow though!

[Verse 3]
I used to walk from the subway to the projects
watchin the sunset the struggles like a fish outta water
caught in a net how can such a beautiful sight be in such an ugly place
poverty, tragedy, are just some of what we face
my cousin stabbed by his sister over a bullshit fight
For seven stitches it took the urgent care all night
whats the test of a man, tell me whats the real measure
most brothers don't show they true colors 'til they under pressure
find the jewel in this treasure it's the usual story
gang bangin, niggaz slangin dispute over territory
my man took the worst of it he got hit in the back
no time for paramedics just dream about the get back
but theres no smilin here its just holdin back the tears
that's when he motioned me near and he whispered in my ear
la don't retaliate this was written in my fate
all the times we had were great all though we made our mistakes
dog chill just stop it, son you know how we do
we'll keep lookin to the future while livin in memory of you!