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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Rubbabandz, Y. Million
Album:  Salute the General EP
Song:   Are You Ready
Typed by: Tha Masta

[kung fu sample]
Prince, if you are able to overcome my iron hand then you're ready for
OK, I'm ready!

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, my verbal gunplay spits like an AK
Rap Cascade, I watch y'all niggaz fade
We take it to the streets, like bloods and crips in the same cage
I raid, the Thief of Baghdad carries the burner
You small Thundercats best to learn from the unforgiving combination like Larry David
The Nat Turner, where's my killas? This is murder
I body you with your own burner, then toss the heat in the streets
Me and my soldiers never cop pleas
You ain't complete, weak song, weak speech, Iron Shiek
Toss the heat between ya sheets
Shots reign through ya brain
9th Prince must be on crack/cocaine
Bitches scream my name, I'm hot, leather burn into flames
Shit ain't the same, I spit fire in desire like Rick James
Burn a cross off ya platinum chain
Street niggaz sacrifice they life for blood stains on their fly gear
From street war games, who's to blame?
Varsity Blues, I push through with my Jersey city crew
Punch you in your face for trying to get brand new
I get loose, sexual healing and verbal seduce
I hear the rage from the soundstage
This is foul play, you look gay, fix your face
This is verbal gunplay, it ain't safe
We scheme like the Watergate, with platinum plates

[Chorus 2X: Rubbabandz]
Are you ready for lyrical bio-chemical warfare?
See a carpet of bodies when the smoke clears
Should've wore a gas mask for the nerve gas we dispense

Yo, you third eye blind, I could tell, you still swine
I'm one of a kind, every rhyme's a landmine
Everything I touch blows up
New Jack gangstas in the city throwing signs up, what the fuck!?!?
Time flies like a 747 fast, pull the wings off and watch it crash
Total disaster, I'm about to blow, you moving too slow
You better move faster, y'all disciples, we hot masters
Write verses so hot, it's only a second before they're ashes

[Interlude: Y. Million]
Fake faggot fucks!
All the diamonds and the locsters holding you down in 'ville, you heard?

[Chorus 3X]

[kung fu sample]
Your highness, greetings from the 9th Prince
Send him in...
Your majesty...
9th Prince, sit down
What can I do? Is it something important?