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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Shyheim
Album:  Revenge of the 9th Prince
Song:   Young Godz Pt. 2
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Shyheim]
Oh shit, 9th Prince, Granddaddy Flow
Nigga, ain't been on a track with you since the Young Godz
Now we the Young Godz

I burn more niggas rapping, then CD duplicators
Hustler, put that paper together like staplers
There is no competition, hustlers and musicians
Witnessing Bottom Up, is eating more than a kitchen
I don't give niggas fishes, I make niggas fishermen
Businessmen, hitmen, that's not to be mentioned
And my team, we be, moving like a government
And all my allies, keep it on some other shit
Every city I go, I got a gunning bitch
Shoot it out with police, I ain't trying to max bitch
This just the way I live, not on no rap shit
From stiches, rip niggas so bad, they need patches
Make 'em feel so small, I can put it in baggies
Like, honey, I done shrunk these little bastards
Scared them with my words, I ain't have to pull a ratchet
Cuz I can make a classic like the Dr. J hook shot
Wait, I can make a classic like the MJ swish shot
Niggas, say that I'm pussy, niggas be like "Yo, what Shy?"
Not the Shy that I know that run around with them twin glocks
Nah, nigga, nah, not Shy

[9th Prince]
Yo, I'm on a mission, like a nigga just came home
From prison, never cloud my vision
Champagne bottles in the kitchen, Spanish mami
With a Victoria Secret leafprint
No panties or bra, underneath
The Granddaddy Flow keep these bitches in the streets
Cook it up, so I can hook it up
Steel marks on my wrists, on them tight ass handcuffs
Swing on the po-po, take his weapon
Like Nicholas Cage, I be Gone in 60 Seconds
I'm a monster, underneath my style, low profile
Bitches famous lifestyle, meditate by the Nile
Long live the Prince, yeah, ya niggas live short like Bow Wow
I hit you with everything, a plate, a chair, the kitchen sink
Including the chandeleir, I need a bitch that can ride with me
Glide with me, through this galaxy, so we can see prophecy
Through monopoly, yeah, cock back the cannon
Blow a hole through the planet
Yeah, the four-fifth, will leave niggas damaged
Play for me, to meet the canvas

[Outro: 9th Prince (Shyheim)]
What the fuck ya'll niggas know?
What the fuck ya'll niggas know?
Muthafucking Granddaddy Flow
My nigga Shy, do or die, what up nigga?
(You already know, nigga) we back in the booth, son (S.I.N.Y.)
You know, these niggas know what it is already, son (10304)
They know how we do (10301, 10303, yeah, nigga)