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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  Revenge of the 9th Prince
Song:   Target Practice
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: 9th Prince]
I don't know what the fuck these niggas is thinking
The new and improved 9th Prince, fuck these niggas yo
The new and improved 9th Prince, it's on, eat a dick, nigga, word up

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, I blast like a Beretta 9, climb the Billboard charts
With a bullet that rip through your heart and spine
You see I speak so divine, diamond Guess watch
Left the eye on the pyramid blind
It's the return of the killas, corporate Hitlers
The best rhyme spitter, better than Nas
Better than Jigga, no, not the RZA
It's the 9th Prince, lyrical silverback gorilla
I was locked up in the mountains
Everyday I was counting, free at last like Martin
Niggas is UFO's, nice little reign
Claiming he's a martian, I traveled far
An underground star, bulletproof convertible cars
I done drove and crashed without a crash bar
Hopped out the 745, like I was live
The best of Killarm', fuck the talk is all jive

[Chorus: 9th Prince]
Yo, who you know got flow just like this?
Who you know pop champagne like this?
Who you know came home from jail like this?
Target practice, ya'll all on my hitlist
Who you know got flows just like this?
Who you know spend money just like this?
Who you know rock shows just like this?
Target practice, ya'll all on my hitlist?

[9th Prince]
Niggas is trapped in the darkness
What I did to Holocaust was straight heartless
The 9th Prince is a beast, Wu-Tang Clan
Can never be deceased, fuck Rosa Parks
I would of shot a nigga from my seat
Niggas say Madman, why you tripping? You the illest
Bust my gun with the realest
Spit rapid fire, with a terrorist
Lay low, deep waters of the abyss
Rihanna blew me a kiss, I raise a black fist, drift off into the myst
FBI most wanted list, let's clarify all the rumors
9th Prince about to blow like a brain tumor
In the heads of the consumers, intruders
Instigating contributors, 9th Prince is a sharpshooter
Word up, that's how we do, yo
The 9th Prince and Killarm', yo


[Outro: 9th Prince]
Word up, what the fuck, what the fuck ya'll niggas wanna do son?
Yeah, we ain't playing, son, it's the 9th Prince, niggas
Ya'll muthafuckas get ready, man
Word up, it's about to be on like popcorn, nigga
Fuck that, pop ya muthafucking piece, man
It's real right now, man, Killarmy, man '09, yo
We in the last days muthafucka, three thousand and eighty
Four thousand out this muthafucka, right now, nigga
It's the 9th Prince niggas, fresh out of jail
Killarmy, muthafucka
Shout out to my muthafucking Killarmy comrades
Killa Sin, come home, son, rest in peace to ODB
Ya'll niggas don't respect this shit, man
I ain't one of these niggas that keep my muthafucking mouth shut
Yo, tell 'em 9th, tell 'em, let them niggas know something right now, yo
The 9th Prince, Killarmy, yo, we taking over this muthafucking game
Word up, man, we out of here, yo, one muthafucking love, niggas, peace