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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  Revenge of the 9th Prince
Song:   Just in Case
Typed by: Cno Evil

[kung fu sample]
Are you ready?
Hold it, hehehehe
Now, we're here at the orders of the 9th Prince

[9th Prince]
Yo, I'm a legend with a lethal weapon, keep firing
Til you hit the arms, slit your midsection
I keep heavy artillary, I'm back on my military
Shit scare you worse than Hail Mary
Attack like a killer whale, living underwater
The order is slaughter, all around the border
Live on YouTube, camera recorder, yeah, rappers getting tortured
Killarm', Arm & Hammers, broke Killa Sin out the slammer
Broke like the speed of sound traveling, where's your manners?
I know that that's vocalubary, my mind is a library
My heart is a mansion, you just a Little House on the Prairie
BP on the production, no repurcussions
Hip hop is facing self destruction
Save the music, don't abuse it or misuse it
My Killarm' niggas, we all ruthless

[Chorus: 9th Prince]
Just in case you didn't know my story
Three and a half years, all pain, no glory
Just in case you didn't know my story
I'm bulletproofed down body, in the terrority

[9th Prince]
I'm a master like sensei, lady sings the blues like Sade
May day, may day, powerful swordplay
Cut records like Kay Slay, I'm like Riker's Island contraband
My flows hotter than Arabian sand, chains swinging like Tarzan
Revenge of the 9th Prince, the man with the iron hand
Never take the stand, my pen and pad is contraband
Shoot my way out, in the slaughter house
From New York to Down South, yo, I'm out for new account
I push through, like a V12, Lexus 600 double L
African jewels, keep it on the down low like R. Kel
Neighborhood Robin Hood, it's just me and lady heroine
Granddaddy Flow released from the pen
That's how the saga begins
He's back on the streets, healthy as vitamins

[kung fu sample]
9th Prince, you wanna kill us all?