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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Islord
Album:  Revenge of the 9th Prince
Song:   Height of the Recession
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: 9th Prince]
You'll see, watch how it come together
That nigga 9th Prince is back? Oh, word?

[9th Prince]
As I open up Marcus, chumps become targets
Shooting at the sergeant, I'm uptown, laughing at these clowns
Surround sounds pounds the grounds
We in front of a deli, little Shawn playing skully
Short Rico, just copped three kilos, and a light skin Benito
Then I saw Is, he was walking with a wiz
Yo, son, I got a come-up, a heist, so we can both get nice
Rock pimps in Jamaica, live in paradise
But first we need guns and masks, to complete the task

No doubt, son, just come with me upstairs
So we can get them glocks out the closet
Live the scene, to do what we gonna do
Get them niggas and they muthafucking crew, so here's what we do
We lay on 'em, play on 'em, then sneak through the back on 'em
Like a ghost on 'em
Oh shit, 9th Prince, I ain't expect this shit
A bitch and a seed in the kitchen
So what the fuck, you wanna still go through with this, shit?
Come on, nigga, let me know

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, fuck it, let's move, that's when I heard a voice
Que pasa, boy, ay Rico, give up the goods or die hard in the hood
Benito started reaching for his Suge Knight, desert eagle
With the infered light, Is had a half stick of dynamite
Nobody move, nobody die tonight
All we want is the drugs and money, Playboy bunnies and honey
Rico try to play stupid, we don't know what you talking about
That's when I put the four-fifth, to his bitch face
And said, yo Rico, give me what I want
Or I splatter her fucking brains, all over the place
Then shot Benito in the chest, thought he was dead
Bitch ass nigga had on a muthafucking vest
Fell to the floor

Now see, muthafucka, what you made me do, made shit hot
Lay you on the spot, now I got a body on my glock
Stupid muthafucka trying to play hero, run your stash
You don't know I blast that ass for that cash, kid, I'm starving
Yeah I do robbing, if the shit is right
Just like the shit up in here, tonight, with 9th Prince
Ramsack this place, so we can get the fuck up outta here
And head to them Islands

[9th Prince]
Rico finally gave in, walked him to the closet
That's when I spotted it, laying in the Gucci bag
Slap, treated Rico like a fag
Snatched up the three bricks, then it was time to split
We ran out the crib, jetted up Broadway

[Outro: 9th Prince (Islord)]
Come on, son, yo, we out, yo, yo, we got that, son
Came off my nigga (yeah, son, yeah, son)
(You know how, yeah, son, yeah, we gon', yeah
We just gonna eat with this shit, anyway
Next man eat off the next man, shit
That's how it should be, youknowhatimean
For real, you can't even fault us for that, knowhatimean
For real, man, we gotta eat by any means necessary, son
For real, 9th, knowhatimean, for all my niggas, knowhatimsaying
For real, get down like that, that's how we get down)