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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  Revenge of the 9th Prince
Song:   Dear R&B
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: 9th Prince]
Yeah, this is for all, my niggas locked down
Ya'll know what it is, you know, pictures on the wall
Nahwhatimean, fantasizing about all kinds of bitches and shit
You know, word up, models, actresses, you know what it is, knowhatimean?

[9th Prince]
Yo, Dear Beyonce, I fantasize about you every night
Therefore I'm sending you a kite
I'm working out, reading books, trying to get the body and mind right
What up with Kelly? Word on the street, she was sleeping with Nelly
I heard it from my cellie
Paparazzi spotted them, coming out of a telly
But anyway, I seen your videos, "Deja Vu"
"Ring the Alarm", "To the Left" had me illing yo
You the illest chick, I got all your flicks
Forget Trina, you the baddest bitch
I love the way you smile, sexy profile
We probably would of met, if I didn't blow trial, but anyhow
You my 'Dreamgirl', with a 'Supreme' style
A lodi dodi, I can tell you like to party
Every inmate in jail is loving you hardbody
Send a word to Michelle, my cellie said she can sing like hell
And when he touchdown, like LL, he wanna rock her bells
But for now, I got to end this letter
You a black queen like Coretta Scott King, shine like a diamond ring

[Chorus: 9th Prince]
Dear R&B chick, for you I catch a vic'
I know this sound sick, in my cell checking out your flicks
You so hot, laid back on my cot
You got a body that will never rot
One love to Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Beyonce
Alicia Keys, Rihanna
You ladies stay on fire like ganja

[9th Prince]
Yo, Dear Mary J. Blige, what's the 411, hon?
Like Wyclef warn me, somebody call 911
Besides going through the law library
All I do is dream about you, reminisce about "Real Love"
Off my convict crew, all I wanna do is be happy
Congratulations, I heard you was married
You deserve the best, my life tatted on your chest
Nice firm breasts, make a thug wanna caress your flesh
Ghetto queen wife, "No More Drama" in your life
Alot of fights in prison, I gained stripes
Take me as I am, you're a Superwoman like Karyn White
I'm praying you get a divorce, so I can come
Scoop you like a prince and a horse
Be your knight in shining armor, like a thug in a bulletproof Porsche
But for now, I got to end this letter, sincerely yours
Send another kite next winter, I want to eat you out for dinner


[9th Prince]
Yo, what up Keyshia Cole? I love your old from the stroll
The way you sing it so bold, a thug like me would never fold
Like wine I get fine as I get old, I remember you was sent from heaven
Protected by the seven, I'm just like you
Almost got defeated, I should of had cheated if it was needed
Luckily, I succeded, I like 'em light skin like Alicia Keys
Or brownskin like Rihanna, smoking on ganja
Long legs like Ciara, you promise your goodies sweet like cookies
I wanna taste your nookie, the Granddaddy Flow is a pro, these other
cats is all rookies