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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Don Don
Album:  One Man Army
Song:   Young Black Millions
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Don Don]
Aiyo, 9th, man
Aiyo, BP, man, it's Don Don

[Don Don]
I open up doors when I floss
And I'm zealous for this money on tours that you claimin' that's your's
While you lookin' like you out of sorts, I'm havin' no thoughts
Of stackin' these chips while you smackin' ya lips
Everything you talk about you need to think about
It helps to bleed and treed on rap fiends, that's what black needs
Learn how to separate the real from the fake
The cat from the snake, maybe then you could get a plate
I never let a man take me out my character
To prove I'm a killer, any nigga pull a trigger
And you never too old to learn
Put ya pride to the side and maybe then we could get a burn
Everybody wanna kill for power
Unity brings power, one man will just devour
While we killin' off a portion of a strong nation
We need to analyze this shit we facin'

[Chorus: 9th Prince]
Aiyo, young black millionaires, we ghetto souvenirs
After the Laughter sometimes comes Tearz
We drink and pour the beers, sometimes we swear
Young, gifted and black yet still we never fear

[Hook: Don Don]
You gon' bump this and you gon' like this
Even if you ride out to it you gon' like this
Even if you up in the club you gon' light this
And money with the Clan, aiyo, you gon' like this

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, the black Einstein, whenever I rhyme I design the ill line
And get the crowd hype like Patron and lime
9th Prince the soloist with a twist
Sharp as a Razor that'll cut ya wrist
Fishin' out the water, leave the hook in his back
For actin' out of wack, fat asses I slap
I did bids, ran with stick-up kids, Vicious like Sid
Black ghetto prince, my defense always in sequence
Smack you senseless, never go against this
Hip-hop is back and independent
You could die in a heartbeat, the Granddaddy Flowin' Al Don
Rockin' lucky charms, we keep firearm in our palms
We're ready and able at all times to drop the bomb
With no alarm, my Staten Island niggaz never stay calm




[Hook - repeat "you gon' like this" 3 times after finished]