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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Dom Pachino
Album:  One Man Army
Song:   What U Wanna Do?
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Chorus 2X: 9th Prince]
What the fuck you wanna do?
What the fuck you wanna do?
What the fuck you wanna do?
What the fuck you wanna do?

[9th Prince]
Yo, honey dip in the whip, I don't walk with no limp
But I'm still a pimp... pysche, I'm kiddin'
Pay attention to the darts that's Hidden
Like the Crouching Tiger, shout out to the dreads, more fire, more fire
My music is more mental like the "Eye of the Tiger"
You've seen me in NYC with Tatiyana Ali
She chauffered me, in a blue Lambourghini
Shout out to my enemies, oh shit, Jesus Christ
I'm so nice, you Old Spice
Me and my niggaz, roll up like dice
Takin' ya ice then feed ya to the mice
You's a rat, where's ya gat?
Where I rest at, even the best get test, black
Five Fingers of Death, throw ya hands in the air and swing 'em to the left
However you want it I can give it, long live my spirit
Even if you can't hear it, I'ma make you "Feel It"
Like a gunshot wound when the bullet hits
Blood spilled in this shit, somebody call the ambulance for son, I'm on the run

[Dom Pachino]
Comin' from all kinds of fuckin' angles on y'all niggaz, man

[Chorus w/ Dom P ad-libs]

[Dom Pachino]
Yo, Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist, here I come...
Iced the bezzle, canary specs made my face yellow
Ya jigglin', baby, J-E-L-L-O
Niggaz see I'm black and white like Othello
I'm in Living Color, brother, lyrics lay Heavy on the Mental
And come with full benefits, medical and dental
I've got pink slips for it all, no rentals
Get the fuck from 'round here, who the fuck sent you?
These Boys are Bad like they're Martin and Will
Killarmy like this is the drill, you heard the rest?
But this is for real, no denying, just rapid fire from the black iron
Still number one on the under, I heard he came with the thunder
Word spread, makes niggaz wonder
He's a hustler slash gunner, alcoholic rum runner
And a One Man Army overall, one bad motherfucker
Like Terrorist shit...