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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  One Man Army
Song:   Hood Guerillas
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: 9th Prince]
To all the murderers and gangstas, and burglars and cop killas
And drug dealers, we blood spillers
We from the Planet of the Apes, bust shots, every night
We hood guerillas, aiyo, it's on, for realer

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, my raps takes toll like when Hurricane 'Trina struck the U.S. Gulf Coast
See me on the cover of the New York Post holding my toast
Live at the cookout, people getting roast
Niggas get laid down like Las Vegas hoes
You the King of New York? That's a total fabrication
Placed upon a nation, niggas is doodoo, I spit voodoo
Like I'm Haitian, shorty half Jamaican, half Asian
Spent the weekend at the Days Inn, the next day I fucked her and best friend


[9th Prince]
Yo, I was never blessed, never call me an overnight success
If anything, I slept with the vest on my chest
To protect me from the slugfest
Now I'm untouchable like Elliott Ness, yes
Stay fresh on a homicide quest, cocaine invest
FBI wanna frisk me, but I stay clean like Zest
In the progress me and the congress
Spark with a bad switch in a blue Prada dress
I finesse to test, and bag more women then this rhyme got S
Release the stress with the progress
The detective said I left the crime scene a fucking mess

[Chorus 2X]