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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  One Man Army
Song:   Be Careful What You Wish 4
Typed by: Tha Masta

[9th Prince]
Yo, cyanide poetry, let it flow like Floetry
Slow motion-ly, but still deadly as a Rakim melody
My brainwaves get expressed through the sound waves
The Runaway Slave with an army brigade
The dragon warrior with four arms and six legs
I pledge allegiance to the Wu-Tang flag, and let me pants sag
When I was young I had the BMX bike with the all black mags
Wu-Wear, silk fabrics, guns and grenades in my cabinet
Studied martial arts and discipline from the e-ching tablet
Attract like a magnet, went to jail and came home with a few habits
Like smacking rap faggots
Killarmy, we the greatest underground group
You know the theme, grab ya army suits
And ya fat black boots and go out like troops!

[Chorus: 9th Prince]
Yo, y'all people ain't ready for the war like military
I write rhymes trapped in solitary
Be careful what you wish for
I sleep in a bulletproof valor
And I'm hard to the core!

[9th Prince]
I've been fascinated with hip-hop ever since I was a child
With a destiny to be wild and make money by the pile
Plus move the crowd with the force of a forty-four magnum
This might be my last album
Not enough rap fans to feed this young healthy black man
Concrete jungle, remain humble
But still shoot my way out the royal rumble
Exotic champagne, sunshower rain
Raw cocaine is like poison to the brain
Pull out my dick then piss on Jane
The Avalon Don rockin' teflon, flow calm
Set it off like an alarm
If I can't find you, then I'm shootin' ya fuckin' moms
I'm wildin' like thugs on Riker's Island
Profilin' but never smilin'
Courageous cat, bust back then toss the mack
I might speak in codes whenever I'm on the jack
Fuck all the chit-chat, you can get gat
Wu-Tang/Killarmy will never crack!


[Outro: 9th Prince]
We on some hardcore shit right now, word up
The 9th Prince with many styles
Wild like a juvenile from Riker's Isle, word up
Pussy-faced niggaz get dick to the face, word up
I'm on some bullshit right now
Fuck all you clowns
Fuck around and lay down, nigga