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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Dasha, Sav Killz
Album:  One Man Army
Song:   Assassins
Typed by: Tha Masta

[9th Prince]
This place is no Grain
I used to walk with a grenade attached to my big ass chain
And let it hang, this year I'm blowin' up like the big bang
Yo, verbal killa, I rhyme for my street guerillas
The Wu-Tang Killa Bee Godzillas
I'm wild like a pitbull who turned on his master
Lyrical disaster, musical massacre
My rhyme pattern left rings around Saturn
What I earn will never burn
Fast like Sugar Ray, hit hard like the Hitman Hearns
I write rhymes whether ridin' in the Range or ridin' on the four train
People lookin' at me strange as the 9th Prince explains his membrane
I used to walk with a grenade attached to my big ass chain
And let it hang...

[Sav Killz]
We like assassins, MC's destroy viciously
Put you out for the count and claim victory
Maliciously, we the opposite of industry
Fuck what you do out there, we Think Differently
Duel of an Iron Mic, burned down ya ministry
You cats sound off on the mic and have no chemistry
No cure, no remedy, my skills is too assimilly
My Killa Beez niggaz do this, they recommended me
Praised commendably, Killarm' the infantry
Murderous is the word to describe my symphony
And we don't give a fuck, as you see, I have no sympathy
Raised by the crooks in the Brook, my heart's empty
Wu Music, still on ya brain and can't refuse it
It's like let the bombs blow, nigga, it can't defuse it
Abuse it, Killa Beez still swarm and consume shit
Ya wack-ass wanna be niggaz we ain't amused with

Yo, I'm an assassin with the pen
Murder rappers for frontin' with my passion from within
Killa Sin put to killer that was age in the Gotti roots
Coffins they cust' and they make 'em when I body troops
Mastermind and I'm climbin', rhymin' with no filler
Sit back, reclinin', my thoughts racin', I'm more iller
Grew up with hustlers, young shooters and old killers
That made a smooth transition from a dope dealer
Flow wheezin', an asthmatic with bad habits
Provoke treason, a track addict, I spaz at it
And I damage any dude in my vacinity
Top up cruisin', I ain't tryin' to catch a Kennedy
Verbal assassin, I could kill 'em with my energy
I'm that nigga other rappers just pretend to be
We in a midst of war, pray for my enemies
Rap medicine man, I got the remedy, nigga...