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Artist: 88 Keys f/ Kid Cudi
Album:  The Death of Adam
Song:   Ho Is Short For Honey
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[Kid Cudi]
Have you heard the story (hey hey hey)
About a man
Who had a plan, a plan
Oh to keep it moving (ahhh man living)
Stress free, no he aint trippin
Trippin no more
I'll tell you how he do it (how he do it yeah)
got to keep it to trill
No showin love or affection
Learning from life's lessons(lessons)
Be different on the scene
And you will truly see
A different you and me

(ho, hey ho) do you remember me (ohh oh)
(ho, hey ho) I bet you don't, don't (hey hey)
(ho. hey ho) It's just the pimp in me
(ho, hey ho) a different me for you

[88 Keys]
Hey honey you remember me
I'm the one you burned to the third degree
I'm the one you sent to the emergency
I'm the one you texted you it's urgent, please
Call back
And you reply, fall back
With a bunch of LOL's
You typed in all caps
And i'm like all snapped
Is this who i dealt with
Such immaturity on this slim pelvis
You split and shit i'm selfish
You head to the next dude crib, he felt it
He paid 40 bucks to the dick she sells it
And know he's irritated like hitch with the shellfish
Tell this to wifey
We will never get married
Cause i was running game like larry to a bird
Who can score a lot of points
Watchin while you was on my balls
While she go hard for the green like celtics


[88 Keys]
They say sticks and stones will break some bones
But am I in the wrong
I piss come on
I bitch and moan
But I won't call you a bitch in this song
Cause you ain't feelin that pain
You play a lot of games
So I call out your name
Like paul revere
For all to hear
But I had to chill on the curse,
On this verse
So I can get the sampled cleared