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Artist: 7evenThirty f/ Coke Bumaye, Ivisuai
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   Space Gangsta
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Verse 1 - Coke Bumaye]
Reportin' live from the south side of another planet
Where money is no advantage
Schoolin' every rapper, i welcome 'em to my campus
Pussy niggas, they panic
They saggin', showin' they panties
That's vulgar, believe me, I showed ya'
I just want that head, baby you can keep the shoulders
Mountain to a boulder, Sergeant to a soldier
niggas mean-muggin' until I get the "Folgers"
Hot shit to ya' mug, lay you ass down
Mean-muggin', don't let that be yo last frown
It's the last down, do I look scary?
Fourth and inches, niggas still throwin' Hail Marries
I carry this shit like a digit
When you great, don't have hate, you have critics
So civic
New Jack City, Nino Browns gettin' found face down the the river
My niggas need a lung and a liver
The way they smoke the loud and they chase it wit the liquor
Keep lookin' til ya get the big picture
And I keep snappin' like I see the big picture
hang with a gang of stars, the Big Dipper
And it's fuck you and whoever come witcha
Other shit, like I'm from outer space
Sitll gettin' tats, til I run outta space
On the highway to Mars, better get out my way
Space Gangstas in this bitch, wanna come out and play

[Verse 2 - Ivisuai]
Grey cap and my grey boots
Ja Ru damage a track
Make hits, just like babe Ruth
Empty closets for my space suit
I'm in my spaceship gettin' high, engine run off Grey Goose
You can't spoof if you say boo
You in the coupe, nigga make room
And stay tuned
We make moves
Through the galaxy, rapidly
Watchin' my back 'cause Boba Fett tryna capture me
traded in the 4- 5th for the brand new laser gun with the prototype chip
Been flowin' like this since I was just a youngster
How I can remember, a young nigga was a stunner
Son of a gunner, mu'fucka, I'm a bastard
No flow father figure, why it's so savage
We on the hyper speed chase for the cabbage
Steady makin' bread, check my Facebook status
And hit 'em up, might still don't give a fuck
Yo, I smoke trees daily, plus drink up in my cup
Hyperspace travel on a whole 'nother sound brink
Yo, hold up, that's 7evenThirty on the com link

[Verse 3 - 7evenThirty]
Horror Hell-bringer dead wrong
Max Redrum
Starship Trooper-style murder murk ya, head gone
Closed casket killer, kil 'em with lyricism
I'm a souther-style sinner with sinister cynicism
ManMelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol, poppin brains like pimples
I enter through the left and exit out the right temple
Now get this for the record, 7evenThiry's quite mental
I pierce through ya dental wit the pen and pencil
Cause I don't need the pencil or the pen to pull a pistol
I'm laying antifreeze for these new-school "cool cats", black
I should be in the booth in black zoot suit and jetpack
I'm so Space Gangsta
Switchblade, I nickname the mini lightsaber, walk up and shank ya, thank ya
Leave you on the roof and let the sun "stanky stank" ya
This the West Jack, where we don't take to strangers
the most unpredictable niggas wavin' a weapon and waitin' to rob a Will Robinson
Danger Danger
Sights, guiding light through the night with the laser
That touch ya
Now watch Scottie bea ya whole face up
And you just had to keep it so gangsta
But lookie where that gotcha with ya body so laced up
I'll do a favor
I'll throw some choppers on ya stretcher, now you laid up
Dripped out, draped up