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Artist: 7evenThirty
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   Heaven's Radio
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Verse 1] 
poke wit my savior today
He told me take one day at a time, you'll make a way with ya rhyme
Things are gone play out the way they s'posed ta
I take my radio waves from God, open my mouth
And let Him say what He say
And Heaven's Radio plays
Changing the station turned me to a page that marked
The start of a chapter in my day to day
I was lost
And found within these tracks ways to pray through a verse
And converse with my creator face to face
Thank you for the fam you kept me blessed with
Speaking through them, making it clear when I'm too clouded to directly catch the message
Seem like when it's right in my face
I can't dissect it or digest it
And I guess it just get better with time
And I'm evolving, so I guess I just get better with rhyme
So keep me involved in tryin' to make the best of my time
I cut my antennas, but I still got ya megawatts cranked up in the Box like Boom

[Hook] C'mon crank it up [Yeah Louder]
I speak to God through the beat
I speak to you through the rhyme
He speaks to you through my voice
He speaks to me through you

[Verse 2]
And as I transmit ya signal
May every sentence be delivered more clever than it was on the last instrumental
When writer's block don't like to help, you say relax and let the song write itself, son
And close my eyes if I gotta, open my mind
I got a lotta words to receive
For word to disperse for the verses to the beats
That go up against the beast
If I keeo the faith, then I'll survive
I thought I'll never make it out alive
But, God, you used to tell me just prove 'em wrong and you'll impress' em
And always tell the truth in ya songs and you will bless' em
Remember who you are, where you from and never let them
Take that away from you, cause it's yours, you are a legend
Get on the mic and skewer them bars
And lay it down, slay e' down with the truth of the Force
And you can choose your own adventure
Just tell 'em that I sent ya


[Verse 3]
And I'm asking for forgiveness
For asking why you chose me to be the father of a kid with a special condition
There's a blessing in this lesson, so I pray for clear reception
So I understand the bigger picture
'Cause life often takes you for a turn
February 5th, we gave birth to a sky walker
And we were told she wouldn't be around long, but she can prove the doctor wrong
She's fighter like her father
And feisty like her mama
However long she has on this earth, I'm just honored that you even let her be with me
And without saying anything, she visits Heaven's Radio frequency frequently
And she speaks to me
At first sight, she took the breath out my lungs
I poke my chest out, because she brings the best out the least of me
The broadcast that you bring through her is my life saver
My challenge, my love, my Jada