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Artist: 7evenThirty f/ Laurie Walker
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   God
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Hook - Laurie Walker]
Something changed when you came into view
My beautiful, wonderful you
You don't know what you for me
You make me believe in God
You let me believe you're
My angel
You let me believe in God

[Verse 1]
I never thought that I could ever be a part of something so magnificent
I feel I must've known you in another life
wanna cherish every minute with you
I mean, your features like lookin' in the mirror
So uncanny that I'm asking can it be the real thing, I mean I'm not prepared for this level of emotion
I'll admit, I'm scared
To pick you up, they put you in my arms
Looking down at you, see you looking up
Your eyes pierce straight through my soul, and I'm frozen, I'm really shooken up
Can't believe you're mine, can't believe I'm cryin'
You are so divine, from the bottom of your feet to your head, with your little curl
Welcome o the world
It's my baby girl


[Verse 2]
Awestruck again
I can see your skin color coming in
As I proceed to take you to the incubator room, and I'm nervous in my stomach, wonderin'
I've never looked at human life in this position
This isn't my typical disposition
Started to hear a voice in my spirit, decided that I would sit and give it a listen
Telling me to be not afraid of the road ahead and where it may turn
As the doctor pulls me aside to notify me that she had a few concerns
The I see you, NICU, and I see ME in that glass
And I'm scared to death, but I know somethin', I ain't givin' up that fast
This is a celebration of ya life
Your vibration is too high to try to hold it down
Look up at the sun, lil' mama, let the ladybug fly
Couple weeks later, look at you
Welcome home, Jada, this ya room
You so magnetic the planet can't even handle it
You such a star, you make me believe in God

Believe in God [3x]