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Artist: 7evenThirty
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   GetUp!!!
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Verse 1]
Who the fuck is that nigga
Lookin' Like some kinda neo-retro rap nigga
Bopping like got a pair of headphones on, banging a beat
But he don't, I think the man trippin'
What kind of glasses are them
Look how his pants fit him
he looks way too hip hop to be a damn hipster
Maybe he's an artist
Probably comes up with dumb rhymes
He comes across like he's been weird for a long time
Look lie he act crazy
Look like he been a little spazzed since the actual 80's
Since highchairs and babies
His mama probably figured that he had the ADHD
But never medicated so he just kept creating
Damn this nigga's a mess, ain't he
I mean look at the kicks, shits is fresh ain't they
Look like at any moment he could beam up in the mothership
Rockin' SB's, but he don't skate or nothin', what's up with him?

These dumb suckers wish they had me all figured out
Wiggin' out how we got the croud flippin' out
They like lookin' niggas all in the grill
Either get down, or get the fuck outta here
You gotta get up, get down, or get up out my face nigga [4X]

[Verse 2]
Who that cat, yeah he wilds out
Yeah that's that rapper I be tweeting online 'bout
7even Eleven, or something dealing with time
I don't know truthfully but he's rather ruthless in a rhyme bout I found out
he used to rap 'bout stabbing and clappin' niggas
But now he's all obsessed with time travel and zappin' niggas
Or something weird always coming out of his mouth
And he don't really sound like he comes from out of the south
7even Tré Oh
How come you ain't say so
yeah I got his old shit, I've just never seen his face though
This nigga sounds like a giant on records
And he's so spaced out, the planets move when he say so
I heard he just dropped another EP
I ain't got to hear it yet, but I know it's somethin' sweet
And it's produced by some homie from over seas
And supposedly, he's Obi Wan Kenobi on the beats


[Verse 3]
Look at these two geeks trying to be low key
And it's obvious they over there talkin' 'bout me
I just keep boppin' my head and acting like I don't see
But they staring too hard, they need to get they own sneaks
I don't know who they think I am
I am not who they think I be
That nigga ain't me
I ain't the 7 to the 3
I don't be murdering beats
I ain't no outer space freak
I ain't no strange being
Aliens don't ever speak to me
I can't be who I am and still get respect in the streets
I don't end no beef
I don't be reppin' MZD
You's invading my space, I wouldn't rock you in the face
My niggas don't pop them “thangs”
I ain't as strange as they say
Dropped the LP, and they said it sounded like Dré
Out came the mixtape, said it felt like Jay
Cause you see part of it's an artist is inspired by the greats
But at the end of the day, Tré just gotta make 'em pay