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Artist: 7evenThirty
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   Fireball
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Verse 1]
They call me the angel of death
Sent to bring the pain til it ain't nothin' left
Seatbelt tight strapped in the Black Falcon
Sound system bangin' one decibel to deaf
Shot me in a rocket down to Earth sole mission is to make more listeners
Take no prisoners
Rated R take apart niggas violent
Can't look away
Made an art with it stylish
Hardcore shit
Niggas 'round my way they all sick, but bossman sent me
Say I slay the hardest
I don't know maybe it's the way I disregard shit
I been doing this for centuries
Eat 'em all quick
Where I come from is where they can't hear you scream
No mercy, blood thirsty, all black, mean
We seek 'em out, weed 'em out, clean 'em out, leave
Jump planet to planet, repeat the same thing

Come on
Get it crunk one time
Jump the fuck up, get ya hands high
Tear this shit up, set it on fire
Ya all outta time
Ya all gotta die [2X]

[Verse 2]
Pierce through the stratosphere, now breaking atmosphere
Fallin' straight down, headed fast for the clouds
A thousand miles per hour as I ride in the cockpit you see the fire
Unidentified Falling Object Like...[BOOM]
I just bust through a plane
People flying everywhere, heavy metal flames
The wind feels strange, cause the windchill changed
Now my wind shield's stained with entrails and brains
Wipers on; I bring lightning storms
The power causes city lights to flicker off and on
Feel the noise when the hand of God touch down. Sonic boom sound
Crater in the ground
Witness the pre-apocalyptic sound
This is the end, ain't no use for optimism now
So hold tight and keep up with the body count
Cause I'm 'bout to flip the style and I'm 'bout to hit the ground right now