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Artist: 7evenThirty
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   Earth Gurl
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Verse 1]
I met a real pretty right downtown
It was kinda late and I just touched down
And I decided to have a little fun
Before I go psycho with this gun
Hit the night spot
Saw a girl a ll by herself in the club and I thought she was hot
She looked at me and then I looked at her
I'm scanning for weaknesses
that's when I found out my weakness is them females in her species
It's them features, I don't know, the do something to me
it was like she was just looking right through me
Spit that game
She found out that I spit that flame and we exchanged names
Next day came, I saw her at a mall
Git the girl number, gave her a call
A couple days later we kickin' it hard
Then I came to like "My god, what am I doing?"
Come on; that's when she takes my hand
I'll never wash this motherfucker again
Cause I think I'm in love with an Earth girl, so I gotta kill her

[Verse 2]
Yes I said kill her
I am on Earth for a goddamn mission
Got a rep to protect as a mad villian
No bone in my body for no goddamn feelings
I'm feelin' rather sick
I know I gotta take her out fast
Before I get stuck on the shape of that ass
maybe I can stick to the plan
Run away from her as fast as I can then jet
Gotta keep my space hood pass in check
Forget about her, on to the next
Gotta use more tact than Amazing Race
Just when I think I'm safe, I'm seeing her face again
Come on; and there she goes again
I can't control what's going on in my head
Cause I think I'm in love with an Earth girl, so I gotta kill her

[Verse 3]
Gone and rub the girl out
Slow pokin' 'round taking her out on dates and all in her house
And all on her couch and your hands is up in her blouse
Won't you gone take the burner on out
Do it!
Soon as she's turnin' around
She not lookin' okay, now Immo shoot her
laser gun pointed straight for her medulla
Close my eyes and I can't
She turns around as I hide the gat behind my back
Just that moment she's cuter than ever
then I decide whatever, how bad could it be
Come on; and now we're touching again
I wanna know what's goin' down in her bed
Cause I think I'm in love with an Earth girl, so I gotta keep her