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Artist: 7evenThirty f/ 5-D, Gensu Dean, Headkrack, Mo Ney Stax
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   Ahead of Our Time
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Verse 1 - Headkrack]
Such an eclectic, Rap's Nikola Tesla
I'm a eight year program, you're just a semester
I live in my laboratory, clones battle for me
They only weeks old, when chicks fuck 'em in statatory
You'll get it later, critics, haters and fans
When I rock it's like Michael J. Fox at the dance
Marty McFly, zip by, this is my DeLorean
It runs on rappers' fears, it's clear who's victorious
With warriors in jets, gold chains on my neck
Attracts them android hoes, the Casimir Effect
And certainly they work with me, I understand they circuitry
I scoop 'em from their planet and I let 'em hang on Earth with me
While me and 7evenThirty serve MCs
Futuristic imagery will trick the nerve of ye
I'm Albert Einstein with wifi, chumps why try
Word to Stephen Hawking [We're ahead of our time

[Verse 2 - 5-D]
Intergalactically known, locally respected
Next shit, post-apocalyptic Mad Max, bitch
Gather 'round and meet JackTown's Doctor Emmet Brown, while 7evenThirty stay so McFly
We in the sky, cause the space rhyme continuum's the fabric of our lives
You shaky like Aaron Neville's voice, not gonna survive
Watch the blu-rays thrive
Took it to your beta max, but it wasn't enough, coming straight up out the Jack
Turning rappers to dust
Rising to the fifth dimension, where it's beautifully rough
While you stuck down in the third, skinny DNA nerds
You fickle sickle cell niggas ain't cold
Leave ya girl, and watch a nigga get chose
[I thought you knew]
You little Jack Ass youth, doing Jack Ass things with ya Jack Ass crew
My niggas take it nine innings, from the start to the beginning
We beamin' and Charlie Sheenin', my nigga, that's by Winning
From the start to the beginning
We beamin' and Charlie Sheenin', my nigga, we by Winning

[Hook - Gensu Dean]
Let me take a sec
And run it down the line
5 MC's known to freeze your soul and mind
Tracks still laced, twist ya face like a fresh lime
3 hard knocks, and just one dime
Poison you wack MC's like turpentine
Alway on the grind
Caught up in a bind
The ladder of success, yeah, we are known to climb
Fresh or online
Ahead of our time

[Verse 3 - Mo Ney Stax]
Me and these niggas spaced out
7:30, I wake up
Heaven's where we are sent from
Outta this world I take ya
Booth in the back I massacre, bloody, it's kinda tragic how Mo Ney in any galaxy actually different caliber
Strike with minimal, astronomically difficult
Replication impossible possibly sick and mental I'm
hard as cement is, make martyrs from you and kinfolk
impartial to spittin' prophecies, scarred up from what I been through
And it's so simple, I hardly wanna bother
ahead of our time, a scholar, too smart to be gettin' caught up
Go 'head, I'm watchin' you takin' my smart for weakness
I'm proper when I be speakin', but reach for the Glock to pop you
So patiently, you been waitin', erasin' you say is favorite
replace 'em with me I basically take out who's ever facin' me
Aching to be embraced by us, race to the top you chasin' that number one spot I'm takin'
More over and make a vacancy

[Verse 4 - 7even]
See, there's no way that you can safely save a space for me, it's never gone be pretty
From Jackson, Mississippi, and fuckin' up major cities
Grab ya women and children, cause every time we do battle, we crashin' into ya buildings
that's collateral damage
Spittin' from in the brain with it, written within the cranium, gifted within' this language
I am so insane, I'll beat you in Japanese animation
"Eat the cake, Anna Mae" shit, with spaceships
I'm Vegeta
You rappers are Mr. Popo
You got to speed up
Just to catch my written slow-flow
So ahead of my time,I will go back in time to knock you dead
with a line and still make it back in time to meet my deadline
My spittin' germ got the power to stop the earth spinnin'
building enough inertia to hurl you all into space
Fall into place
I got lasers of all different shapes
All collaborated and aimed to hit you all in the face
You don't want it