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Artist: 6obby
Album:  Phantom (S)
Song:   Phantom
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Bitch, look at my shoes, yeah
Look at my fit, uh
Did this on my own, yeah
Get off my dick, yeah
I was broke, yeah
Like last year
These people hate but I'm busy switchin' gears
I'm eating good, I know you know
Swerve up in that whip and I blast the stereo
Y'all used to say I was a joke, yo
But now you hittin' up my phone, no
Yeah, bitch, I smoke a blunt by myself and I hit it 'til I'm lifted
And you know they miss me, always wanna come and kick it
But I cannot fuck with you, so get up out my face
I be smokin' dope until I drift to outer space, yeah
And all those friends who ditched me wanna come though, I'm like, "No"
I remember times when they would say I'm just a joke
All these bitches really wanna fuck, take off they clothes
But I am just a ghost, yeah
So I go and get the bag
I cannot focus on that ho, so you can fuck with that
They sayin', "Where you at?" I'm makin' bangers, cannot lack
I been down for a minute, but you know that I'm back
In the back of the club, you know that I'm dressed in black
These people acting like they know my fuckin' name though
But no, I'm not your fuckin' bro, no
Because I know that you are fake, ho
And I'm not playin', I stay ten toes
Bitch, you know I'm sippin' on some Faygo
I stay buildin' like my fuckin' Legos
She sayin' she with it, so I tell that bitch, "Let's go"
She was talkin' 'bout, "I love you and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you"
But it's a lie, been through this many times
Said lately, I been thinkin'
Lay in my bed, yeah, uh
All of these thoughts, yeah, uh
Wrapped in my head, yeah, uh
I already died, swear that I'm a walkin' corpse
They wonder why I cannot feel pain anymore, yeah
Thinkin' to myself, "How do I keep on fuckin' goin'?"
There's snakes in every corner in the world I'm roamin'
I cannot trust nobody, I only trust my bros, bitch
She stole my heart and I swear, that girl, she broke it
But now I'm swervin' in that whip because we earned it
I got my brothers in the back, that's how I'm rollin'
I'm goin' hunnid and ten, that's just how I'm goin' in
That's how I'm goin' in

Break it down, I gotta roll that shit up
And they be sayin' they relate, but I know that they don't
Fakes be always talkin' 'bout, "Do you fuck with' us?"
Always tell 'em, "Hell nah, I can't fuck with you"
'Cause I got trust issues, bitch, I'm a phantom too
Been a ghost too long, smokin' 'til the sun
Bitch, I'm a phantom, yeah, bitch, I'm a phantom, yeah
Bitch, I'm a phantom, yeah, bitch, I'm a phantom, yeah