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Artist: 60 Second Assassin f/ Planet Asia
Album:  Remarkable Timing
Song:   The Throne
Typed by: Cno Evil

[60 Second Assassin]
Hold fast for the gas, cuz the flames set that ass
My thought, the shit in the clip, pull trig shoot
Lift, set it, while I raise that ass like dianetics
Heretic hit the clip of the magnetic, gift
Plus I flows with the tongue swift
So as the razor sharp, it slits your jugular
Now who's next in line to try to snuff her
I'm like way from under the gutter
Belows the pits I smother, it's too much turkey on the under
Vasion, body snatcha in your chapter
Rapture, watch them catch falls like Niagara
Bury so deep that when you peep you see Alaska
So save it, the chatter, while climbing Assassin's ladder
I'd rather you rubbish, your graveyard fulled with buzzes
Parade with raven, mind you stuck in a bird eye's view
And when I chop until you dead meat for the stew, stew

[Chorus: 60 Second Assassin]
I'll take if he come
Walking away, how could you ever hear the call
Smiling faces always show favorites
But the rehab to the whole step is for the world to have patience

[Hook: 60 Second Assassin (Planet Asia)]
If he comes...
Walking away... away... (60...)

[Planet Asia]
Peep the rhyme wizardry, divine chemistry with silent prophecy
Too complex for you to copy me
Black belt, I spit acid til the track melts
Knowledge is born, every time a fact's dealt
Non-descrip MC's report to the altar
So I can decide, which one of ya'll to take a heart from
I spit with an infinite dart gun
I'm serious, the microphone, ya'll niggas should part from
Shit, you won't start none, it won't be none
Act like you know the man when it's on
I pick off targets just like soda cans
From C.A. to B.K. be the masked man
Super ninja, Medallions, 60 Second Assassin


[60 Second Assassin]
Now there goes the groove, so you know we don't fake it
They wanna bust our nuts on them girls getting naked
Mutilating the set, single phase, say it loud
I can jump in the audience, and cold kill a crowd
Sounds are heard and voice a dead opinion
I'm the reason I loves it, remain from the druggest
I get your ass wired, open, control your substance
I get into your blood like drugs, but that shit is under the rug
I bees like zzzz at your ass and your bug
Captive, stop it, short, from the tactics
Relax, kid, shatter your whole breathing apparatus
Fact is, you can never catch me on the track skip
Smother your thoughts like gravy, wanna catch kid
Now bring it on back under the rug, now, blow cuz with style
Promise to tear it at your coat now
Let's take a trip, travel through the mind of the next week
Or fire melts the rolled technique