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Artist: 60 Second Assassin
Album:  Remarkable Timing
Song:   Fizza Funky
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: 60 Second Assassin]
Uhh, fizza fizza funky for you (You know we do that thing)
Fizza funky for you (fizza fizza fizza funky for you)
Fizza funky for you (you know we do that thing)

[60 Second Assassin]
Make way, new year brand new day
Ain't nothing but some more hell to raise
With a whole lot to say, same ol' saying
Medina Warriors coming out to play, 7 24 365 days
Now I'mma make the song sing from East to West side
Spread my wings, then ride from Attica to Sing Sing
Like Freddy, I'm in your wildest dreams
Nightmare on 60 Street, Seconds from the Assassin's reach
Cast through your doors and see you as an I.E.
Tried the chief, warcloud's any cocked from the strong isle
Architect at it's best, mathematician of heart that's soft
Rap Meyer Lansky

[Chorus 2X: 60 Second Assassin]
I'mma keep it fizza fizza funky for ya
Fizza, fizza funky for ya, cuz I ain't playing
I'mma keep it fizza fizza funky for ya
Fizza, fizza funky for ya, cuz I ain't playing

[60 Second Assassin]
I pissed of the rent, I write with a garlic pen
I carved the men, on the paper is that ink of a scholar man
Versus the mighty dollar, damn
Police gain another collared man
That if told right, could win a damn oscar, man
Win, lose or draw, I'mma break you off proper, man
Like surgery, lyrics incision, like a doctor
Study music deeply from acapella to opera
Come get a kick out of this, like some soccer
Action saga, ask your Shop of Horror
60 Second Assassin through the microphone blasting
Ain't trying to get to this, you know the half it
Busting ass and taking notes, I know who crashed in
Shopped on both sides of the graze cuz I'mma craftsman

[Chorus 2X]

[60 Second Assassin]
Hip hop's critically proclaimed, ordained
I'mma take you through the hall of fame, it ain't hard to tell
History, the makings, for fake MC's to smell
Seek from oceans, history in my own time about to open
Along with great chapters on forgotten potion
Ya'll can't see me, how would you ever notice?
When only one has the key to open, the other side
Just a notion, picked from the All Eye
Looking for a being, a closed eye ain't made for seeing
I get in where I fit in
Nah, this ain't religion or like Marvin Gaye, this ain't living
Thirty years, another mind lays in prison
It's not a game, I'mma kill all the small talk
Begin to open up New York, cuz I walk that walk
With a double edged that's qualified to talk that talk
In the streets of New York, a triple O.G.
So you know it's me, terrorizing the street
Bring it back to them old hits, cold turkey off that new bullshit
What ya'll thought, I would quit? I'm the ace
You must be crazier than a barrel of cocky eyed rattlesnakes
Here's for you, one back atcha, to your face

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: 60 Second Assassin]
All over the world, the grass grow green
All over the world, blue skies are seen
All over the world, are children too
Who just want to laugh or be friends with you
All over the world, will lead you soon...