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Artist: 51.50
Album:  Illegally Insane
Song:   Steady Stayin' Paid '95
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(Steady stayin' paid...)

Feindin' like a bitch, To stay in the game
Hustlin' n strain, I was up
But now I'm long came
Money's comin' slow
A little at a time
Nickels and dimes on my all night grind
Ain't enough to survive
Every second counts
I need cash
Times is gettin' critical
I better think fast
'Corporation corrupt'
That's where I'm headed
My best opportunities
Is catchin' suckas slippin'
On the late night
Somewhere ...(?) I'm gripin' on my nine
I think I'm just the type
Cuz it's about that time
I'm serious as fuck
Ain't nothin' really funny
Smokin' on the weed
Yeah, I'm thinkin' about some money
Fuck it, To me it's kinda simple
Break yaself partna
Then I pop you in the temple
There's alot at stake
But the stakes will be taken
Out to empty your pockets
It's your house
I'll be

[Chorus] x2
Breakin', and enterin'
Enterin', and takin'
From that point on
My occupation was steady stayin' paid

It was sumthin' bout that hour(?)
That I fell back at that first time
Made a little money on the corner
Bought my first nine
Thinkin' about what to do
Wanted to have some fun
Thinkin' I might go jackin' with this nickel plated nine
Millimeter, for my back
I couldn't re-tell the damn thang
Thinkin' it's kinda funny
Robbin' people, feelin' like a king
That was kinda sick(?)
I really must be losin' it
If I could rob myself, I probably would be doin' it

Sometimes when I'm alone
I dream that it's a different game
Niggas come out the streets
Not thinkin' about this dope game
...(?) don't exist
Money is comin' fast
I wake up every mornin' with this pocket full of cash
I'm peepin' in all the stacks(?)
So much I don't know what to do
I oughta go buy a car, a ...(?) BMW
And when I'm awake, It's back again reality
No fakin'
I sit back and think about this real money makin'
When I'm

[Chorus] x2

-Hey, whats up dawg, it's Run D mayne
Whats up fool
-Ah shit mayne, chillin', Ay mayne, check this out mayne, we got the smooth
come up poppin' off tonight man is you down or what
I'm on my way mayne
-Hey nigga, you bring that milly mill boy? We gon' be paid tonight, patna
trust me

In 1995, when a nigga be like I gots ta get mine
Gotta live this life on this grind
And I think I'm losin' my mind
As if I'm, stuck on how to get paid
If I can't get paid, man I'm stuck
Gotta think how I'ma come up, somehow I gots ta blow up
Sho nuff
All I dream is money, sunny days, shinin' green
Gotta go to win in(?) my mouth
Then 'bout step on the scene
It's just a, daily routine of this money fiend dream
Comin' up, hard as it seem, never really was a thing

I was born to live my live
I'ma live my live and die
Another bad creation of a hustla was given life
To learn the tricks of the trade, that steady stayin' paid
I picked up on game
Until a criminal was made

Put this on everything I love
Blood is thicker than mud, Feel me?
If you don't, you bussin', tryna kill me
See I can take pain
For years of the agony
It's just the man in me
I gotta have my fantasy
But you ain't understandin' me

[Chorus] x2