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Artist: 51.50
Album:  Crazy Has Struck Again
Song:   Stuck in the Game
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you know they got you right
yeah man I know
and you out doing
the same tham thing
I aint tripping though dog
just want they want you to do
yeah you know
but hey
but you know
the choice is your man

[Verse 1]

They never take me alive
is what I cried
till I fled the scene
there's more to life
than selling dope
and sipping Hennasy
how can it be that Im'a enemy
don't look at me continually
contemplate to get rid of me
will I ever see
peace in this hood
to witch I'm calling home
cause now in days it just be hard
to get my money on
staying out late at night
need some more fetti right
living the street life
thinking I'm getting game tight
but partner
game is meant for playing for keeps
and game will ever turn
cause even you got to sleep
I keep saying that I'm cursed
but the worst is even yet to come
they give you 3 strikes now
but wait until its 1
and 1 time
they got playing to see
the reinstated of this ghetto
wide slavery
prepare to be
the posse coming up in the game
anotha name
anotha number
now you stuck in the game
It don't stop


Feel like a victim in this ghetto trap
you got me stuck in this system
now your stuck in this game
feel like a victim in this ghetto trap
you got me stuck in this system
now your stuck in this game
that's why I...
feel like a victim in this ghetto trap
they got me stuck in this system
now you got me stuck in this game
you know I... 
feel like a victim in this ghetto trap
they got me stuck in this system
now you got me stuck in this game

[Verse 2]

So now I need to get this job
so I can put some food on my table
but black is hard
hate this
but I'm willing and able ling
but there's these problem
you see
I got this felony thang
and that's the kind of shit
that throwing off my game
but what a shame
they got me straight up
stuck in the deal
our destiny is to flipping burgers
or this clean up shit
but that aint me
so what the fuck will I'ma
gonna do
go back to school
or get this job
and run for 4 and a few
I thought you knew
I aint going out like that
I guess ill be anotha victim
of these ghetto trap
I got to stack 
but stacking is what they want me to do
so they can
build up them case
and watch me fall of like a fool
I'm just a two
sucka man part of the game
they got my number
that ass
they both the same
now feel the pain
I'm sweating
stuck in the rain
left in the game
and I'm loosing
cause I'm stuck in this game
It don't stop


[Verse 3]

My nigga
navel wasn't a quitter
but then his feelings drove him insane
you can't change the game
the game changes name
the 8 stairs 59826
another warrant of the state
San Quinton state prison
now isn't
life out ranic
how quickly be change
from trying' a
making that change
to only
making change
of thangs
they seemed
to happened to my peps
you see
that aint no job
about to get you
what you getting for free
well its me
the ghetto got me game
but put me on check
no respect
the effect
Is now play with a half deck
it is for my lady on the first see
cause I aint stacking nothing but bills
trying to live Quinton
a fiends
for the fetti
but fetti
be my down fall
my future
I see it all
cause I cant forget y'all
but fuck my whole life
standing tall
like I should man
get used to this fucking pain
I'm stuck in this fucking game
ashamed how a
nigga can switch
from a true G
the ghetto be playing me
that jealousy be fatting me
but I still see
blood at the end
of this black cause
look deep in my black soul
shit gotta get better y'all
but trigger man
I aint gonna trip
I'm gonna handle mine
live life on the borderline
trying hard not to lose my mind
to find
the time
to combine
all my skills see
I'm stuck in the game
but no devil gonna play me
don't stop



Not a wise choice
but you gotta deal with it now
shit yeah man
you know
aint no thing but chicken wing
I'm gonna handle mine the best I can
you know
never give up boy
yeah right
me against the whole world right about now
yeah I feel you
but uh,
you know
I'm gonna handle my business man
and deal with this shit
you know what I'm saying
word up
right on man