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Artist: 50 Cent
Album:  The Big 10
Song:   Off & On
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[Intro: 50 Cent]
Sprinkle a litle 2Pac on it
{2Pac: "It ain't easy bein me"}
I'm legendary, I'm necessary
They call me Ferrari, they call me 50
Call me Big Homie, hah

[50 Cent]
I got a bad bitch over the crib, I'm finna pop her off
Nigga call me in thirty, I'll beat and dropped her off
It's a quickie, the ass and the lips are super soft
And to top it off, she topped me off
Niggaz try to front on my swag, knock it off
Put the strap to the back of ya knot and knock it off
Homicide'll have to come through, block it off
That's what they do after that chopper get to choppin off
They say a nigga off, they think a nigga off
I'm on the runway, one way, takin off
I tell a chick, "Pay a pimp, bitch, break it off"
I smack a hoe, "That ain't shit, bitch, shake it off"

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
Off and on; these niggaz be off and on
And it go {"on and on, on"}
And, it go {"on and on, on"}
Off and on; me? I'm never off, I'm on
And it go {"on and on, on"}
And, it go {"on and on, on"}
{2Pac: "It ain't easy bein me"}

[50 Cent]
Go 'head, ask about 50 Ferrari, I never take a loss
I'm a boss, tell niggaz to let it off, set it off
Diamond cloth, plush loft, niggaz floss at all costs
God damnit it all costs, get it now, half off
Diamond stud show-off, niggaz swag be so off
They stunt 'til I go off, the six hour blow-off
Hawaii mahi-mahi teriyaki, I'm so cocky
Who the fuck out here to stop me? Make a hater sit and watch me
And it seem like it is but it's not the same, man niggaz ain't got what I got my mayne
Got a flow so pure like brick cocaine, make a bitch wanna be my secret mayne
Freaky and you eat that thang, every now and then I beat that mayne
She tell a nigga not to say a thang, I can't keep a secret mayne


{2Pac: "It ain't easy bein me"}