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Artist: 50 Cent 
Album:  The Lost Tape
Song:   You a Killer.. Cool
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[Verse 1]
I put the shit together, I tear the shit apart
Demolition the upper deck, I let you see the spark
Cut open your head, make your brain a landmark
Put what you're thinking on a curve, nigga, mock my word
Does the alley take it's turn be your loss
Double barrel rock's player has guitar off
You don't want it hard, nigga, I'll just go on you harder
Dog, you're stick, you're ripped, your hip stand decripped
You raise your leisure, pardon miss with the laser
You talk shit, I spit the razor
The master mind is a must, why you know how to touch it
I plug it, planned it and execute it, dammit

You're a killer, you damn nigga, you've been working all the time
You will shoot this night too with your maneuver, with the nine
I heard it all before, I'm straight coming at you, bro
This won't be a war, I get the gun, blow your face on the floor
I'll get you with the secret talk, nigga, all that makes you fall, nigga
Nigga I'll get the drop, yeah

Nigga, make one false move around me, I'll say fuck it, I'm riding
And they've no sense of try to dug me and motherfucker I'll found him

[Verse 2]
I still go to my 50's niggas everywhere I go I face
Catch me sleeping no days, you pussy niggas no way
To stop me you will need at least a mack boy
Shoot me with a 2-5 and I'll be like "what you do that for? "
The party poppin' ain't gonna cut it
But once you cross the line, you cross the line, nigga, so fuck it
I'm build for, try to do the shit I do get killed for
Lots of blood spilt for a thief I'm still known for
Niggas wanna bump with Ferrari, probably they ain't get the memo
I got cake to show weight
My gun and money make the nigga put a mask on
Shoot a head or break a leg, put a cast on