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Artist: 50 Cent f/ Jadakiss, Kidd Kidd
Album:  Animal Ambition
Song:   Irregular Heartbeat
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[Intro: 50 Cent]
Ahhhhh, yeah, uh-huh

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
Nigga you pussy, you scared
I can hear your heartbeat (heartbeat)
Why the fuck would you come around here?
I can hear your heartbeat (heartbeat)
Yeah, you know a dog sense fear
I can hear your heartbeat (heartbeat)
You bark while we bite around here
I can hear your heartbeat (heartbeat)

[50 Cent]
We ain't cut from the same cloth, we into different shit
I want the bread, you want the bitch
Come out your mouth slick, I'll get you hit
My niggaz hungry, they hit a lick
Fuck who you're with, niggaz'll dump a clip
We by the school yard waitin for you to get your kid
I caught a A-1 felony on my last bid
Kept calm, made bond, I'm on that shit
You think my rap shit a gimmick
Hm-hm, I ain't seen parole in a minute
Truth be told, these niggaz is hoes
Once the shit set off, man anything goes
Through the windows of your soul, the eyes never lie
If you ain't scared to die nigga why would you cry?


Mm, mm, mm
30-somethin and you ain't never open your mouth yet (uh-uh)
Social media is givin cowards an outlet (yep)
See 'em in person and say somethin, I doubt that (say somethin)
Rather get caught with it than get caught without that (yep)
Tryin to back-peddle and stumble on the curve (mm)
You starin at the ground (uh) you mumblin your words (yeah)
Literally I can see your heart pumpin through your shirt (haha)
You was pussy your whole life, you always been a bird (pussy)
Scared for so long it's all up in your nerves
Screw 9-1-1, probably call up the Reserves (mm)
And I'm killin you first, if we ever do a purge
And you know what it is kid whenever we emerge (you know)
Tragical (uh) dramatical (yep)
No match, incompatible, nigga, you vaginal


[Kidd Kidd]
Money for bail, money to bail
Dead or in jail, Heaven or Hell
Fed's on my coattail, snitches given court tales
Kept fate when all hope fail
Niggaz rattin, all they missin is the tail
Like Mickey Mouse
Call me Mickey Mantle when I bat you in the mouth
I bring them hammers out, we ain't tryin to build a house
Niggaz on them songs rappin shit they ain't about
I'm from the N-O, we don't scrap, we bang it out
Bang! I'm the one that came in your house for the chickens
Left a nigga brains hangin out like we chillin
Stankin like chitlins, over my shillings
Hump your security, Rida Gang in the building