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Artist: 50 Cent f/ ScHoolboy Q
Album:  5 (Murder by Numbers)
Song:   Can I Speak to You
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[Intro: 50 Cent]
It's hot as a motherfucker out here
{"S-M-S, Audio"}

[50 Cent]
Summer heat hot, murder plots, niggaz gettin shot
Chrome rims for 6's, one wheel one Gixxer
Throw it up one hand, wave back at the bitches, I'm silent
Right before I snap, I'm violent
I call myself to tussle, I'm the boss and the muscle
Boy I'll feed yo' ass brass knuckles
A nigga come creepin through the fog, if you're scared get a dog
Get a male cause a bitch'll get you both in the morgue
Now peep the punchlines I'm punchin, these are knockout flows
I'm cyber-pimpin, I'm so new wave I got sci-fi hoes
This is next level mack shit, that's why my money stack quick
Twelve V's, V-12's, half of them triple black bitch
Lust, gluttony, greed, jealousy, envy me
Your pride's blurrin your vision, see I'm where I'm supposed to be
On top of the underground, still gritty, still run the city
Still Em, Dre and Fitty; fuck with me
I'm a usual suspect, when it's a hit
Turn up the volume, you hear my voice, yeah this the shit

[Chorus 2X: sample] {+ ad libs by 50 Cent and ScHoolboy Q*}
"Pardon me please, may I speak to you?"
"I feel this is something, I'm compelled to do"

[ScHoolboy Q]
Pistols and bad bitches, hustlers and bad business
Rappin was just a hobby, that hobby turned to a million
Had that oxy for sale, you can get it 50 a pill
You sniff it or let grill, wrap the foil, you know the drill
Uhh, money power and drugs my only reason to love
Never played cops and robbers, nigga we played Crips and Bloods
Like who the pimp said who the slugs, 2-11 on hookers' purses
Another double-up purchase, slingin 100 meters from churches
God won't forgive me but it still was worth it (ohh yeah)
Man I swear I needed some change, chains, golden rings and thangs
Niggaz watch videos and think them douche in rap's the hardest
But real loc's know that that type of shit make you a target
Either the pigs or I'ma get you while you playin boy
Hunt you like an animal, strapped with a beam that's Adderol
50 told me ambition wins when you're tellin ain't workin
I say I'd rather relapse than re-enact hurdles and put that work in


[ScHoolboy Q]
Floss if you want to, I'll send you home broke nigga
It ain't a secret I get money, you's a joke nigga
Make what you make in like two years less than a month nigga
Figg Side to Southside, but we up nigga
Uhh, yeah (gon' fuck around and make a trillion)