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Artist: 50/50 Twin
Album:  Grown Man Style
Song:   It's Nothin'
Typed by: Lil Hustle

The cars the jewelry, the clothes (it's nothing)
The Prada the platinum, the Rovers (it's nothing)
The mansions the jets, the dro (it's nothing)
Everything under the sun, is old (it's nothing)
Shootouts cooking soft, punching laws (it's nothing)
Kappa Beach Daytona, Source Awards (it's nothing)
High rise beach house, cuban cigars (it's nothing)
Everything under the sun, is old (it's nothing)

[50/50 Twin]
One plus one, equals two
Me plus her equals screw, 50 cop fur when it's cool
Chinchillas women wear, for the pool
And I drop the Ja, I rule
I'm like 50 Pacs not two, boy cold from sick ha-choo
Ask myself a question, why I do
Punk pussy rappers, try you pip squeak
Last one and not two, 50 a gorilla out the zoo
Foul me like free throw shots, I shoot
Plus I clap shots, at y'all crew
Give a round of applause, at y'all dudes
My brother on lock, that's why I do what I do, jeah


[50/50 Twin]
BMW jet skis, wearing no life jacket
You better get your ring back, I'm with your wife faggot
What if I had a disease, a chance you might have it
She told me you never show her, a romantic night daddy
That slanted white Caddy, on them swangas
No smoking in that daddy, the seats are panda
J-Lo get back at me, I'll make you famous
At that flow and that rapping, you can't contain me
Christian D.R. for her, but not for him
You dudes wearing girl glasses, they're not for men
All you women smoking cigarettes, you're not for Twin
Hypnotic for me, you drinking Smirnoff again
I burn off in the Benz, switch cars and come back
I might buy a spaceship, hit Mars and come back
A trip at all, so I bet y'all didn't know that
I'm in a throw-ahead jersey, y'all still in throwbacks


[50/50 Twin]
My life ain't no sad song, hold the violence
Big pimp smash, bad hoes on the island
Big limp walk passed, toes covered Prada
Big chips Frito Lays, Cheetoes can't top em
My bank account's stuffed, 6 zeros it got em
Me saying I'm broke, same as playing possom
Done got you all the fight money, talk I ain't squabbling
If I do HBO time, I ain't dropping
Mama got a pink Lamborghini, and it's rocking
Drop your c.d. same day as me, and it's flopping
Drug deal in Toronto, watching nice hockey
I turn heads walking, nigga the girls gon watch me
50/50 big man, holla at papi
If you wanna learn to be cocky, step back and watch me

Like I said, all the above it's nothing