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Artist: 50/50 Twin
Album:  Grown Man Style
Song:   Grind
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[50/50 Twin]
If you eat as you cook, you won't have a full plate
All nighters everynight, on the block I stood late
The cash start burning my pocket, I couldn't wait
Chopping rocks, making predictions off what I would make
In the game you can't double, everything you spend
My big dog told me Twin, move it fast as you can
Like Biggie front shit is punk shit, have nothing to lend
Save that change get a piggy bank, stuff the shit in
You never know when them quarters, gon come in handy
Somebody could come rob you, and charge to your family
Gotta crack it all his piggy bank, that's horrible ain't it
Can't afford a lawyer, judges do you raw in the anus
Cars on chrome to police, like kids in a candy store
They cut holes in your seats, dismantle your door
I don't have shit bitch, what you harassing me for
Because you black guys always, flashing your cars what

[Hook - 2x]
Grinding ain't on my mind, while shining is on my mind
Shining ain't on my mind, while grinding is on my mind
In order to shine I grind, I grind in order to shine
You wanna shine grind, grind if you wanna shine

[50/50 Twin]
While I'm hustling, I'm riding in a low key car
144 ounces, that's a four ki car
If I get caught with that, the judge gon throw me far
If a bitch ride with me, she gotta show me jaw
I must complete my destination, make it another day
I'm a grown man, see lil' boys they get to run and play
The last thing I need is, to be facing another case
Trying to get the first worm, waking up before day
You standing on the block, dressed in fancy is a no-no
Old school cats with cash, they dressing like a hobo
A black dude that lost discriminated, the Lex fo' do'
Shining car tattoos, associate with sell snow cones
Shine while you grind, you only waste your little time
You will never see profit, you spend every little dime
Be ready for the drought man, it's getting winter time
Waste nothing eat everything, on the plate at dinner time

[Hook - 2x]

[50/50 Twin]
I swear, while writing this song on my spot
Three jump-out boys jumped out, and told my boys don't try
Thought I was a school boy, cause I had my folder
I'm always calm, even if I have my yola
Ounces under the baby, they ain't gon grab the stroller
Anyway I scratched out, when two female friends rolled up
Like a Goodyear blimp, I stay on top of my game
Guilty by association, don't hang out with the lame
While shining jackers pull up, start popping the thang
You can't even steer the snap, they even shot up your grain
Spend it all (uh-uh), save it all (uh-huh)
See the laws run from, stand still dump son
It's Christmas time they hungry, trying to get they bonus
New Years the judge throw time, trying to get real up on it
Ten po pulled up departed, and said you see what's on it
When you get out you'll have grown daughters, 25 years gon get

[Hook - 4x]