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Artist: 50/50 Twin
Album:  Grown Man Style
Song:   Check Out Time
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Say, can I holla at ya
Come here mayn

[50/50 Twin]
Vibrate like a vibrator, you vibrant thang
Back it up on my brain, so you can see how I hang
Once you give me the green light, ain't no stopping my game
I hid my necklace in my pocket, ain't no bopping my chain
Let's go post up by the bar, drink Grey Goose and waste time
So many curves, girl you need a slippery when wet sign
Hoping after this your mine, I'm trying to spit my best line
A million kids on your spine, I'm busting like a tech nine
Now one...two...three...four
When it's time to exit, meet me by the front door
If you don't, another dime piece will fill in ya space
You searching for a trick, then go find Whodini
Don't get me wrong if you hungry, I'll go buy you Denny's
You wanna see money in hand, I'll provide you pennies
Andrew Jackson plus two, under my ride is spinning

[Hook - 2x]
If you know why you going, then hop right in
In other words, be prepared for a one night stand
After I nut, my kindness gon stop right then
(check out time) think it ain't, get your clock right then

[50/50 Twin]
We at the room, now I'ma tell your pretty ass nicely
There will be no sleeping, I can lay up with wifey
I ain't tripping on the cost, I can pay what the price be
Hotels are for teenagers, I got us a tight suite
Call someone to rob me, I'll pop you and them too
Me and my gun fin to shower, you get in when we through
I come out it's on the flick channel, you a freak too
Think I ain't packing cause I'm short, I'ma teach you
We doing it and doing it, and doing it well
Don't lick my lips like LL, but mami good as hell
Sometime it take me ten minutes, but my wood stood well
If I was a simp, I'd probably let you push V-12
I enjoyed your time, and yes I do have a number
But I think its best, if we keep bumping into one another
Now be a good woman, and go home to your husband
Oh yeah don't be stalking me, when you see me out clubbing

[Hook - 2x]

[50/50 Twin]
My reason for this rhyme, is I have no love at all
Men use to be dogs, now women have em come to dogs
A lot of you dudes get some ass, once and offer cars
I call a bitch bitch so much, she think I'm Too Short
You wonder why I call ya bitch, come on I bet ya
Stop wondering and go suck dick, don't lift your head up
You want your boy to spark your wrist, and get your nails done
I'll take ya money and tell ya get, some'ing like a bails bond
Handcuffed (never that), spend bucks (never that)
Me in a tux (never that), please don't leave me (never ask)
The mink arm rest hug your waist, while you sit on glass
I'm gon cheat and make your day great, like the weather bad
I'ma cap and cap a slap her, go 'head hoe press charges
I never touch jail, I sell blow to the sergeant
My past experiences, make me treat hoes harshly
It's like it's ice on my heart, cause I'm so cold hearted what

[Hook - 2x]