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Artist: 4th Disciple f/ ShoGun Assason
Album:  The Best of 740, Vol. 1
Song:   Who's Eyez Can See
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: ShoGun Assason]
When will it end? The madness, when will it end?
All you sleeping giants arise from the slumber
This is an order, to kill
All those... the devils and snakes, around ya'll...

[ShoGun Assason]
Yo, this is clear and present danger
Filled with anger, like the Hillside Strangler
Follow the footsteps of a lunatic, sick like Michael Myers
Ripping hearts out with pliers
Magnetic attraction makes me burn like the sun
I set your soul on fire, so walk in a striking distance
Every blow causing damage to your sensory area
Attack your abdomen and your spinal column
Hit you in your joints, pintpoint your pressure points
Before you recognize, you pimping into lies
This red false truce, lies, now from the shoulders down
You're paralyzed, devils get slayed in the name
Of Allah, forbidden tricks, I don't like Christ on the crucifix
I carve into they flesh, six six six
Seek and destroy, is the mission
Asiatic world, let's start the armageddon

[Interlude: ShoGun Assason (sample)]
Walk in hell (who's eyes can see) hell... that's me, draws on
Said I, they gon' for the Killarm', uh

[ShoGun Assason]
I sing her songs, they heal the world
My mind travels through space like a comet being hurled
But I stand in my own orbit
While some fall victim to a black hole of darkness
Filled with mental death, I'm on a quest
To reveal my destiny, by bringing forth the alternate reality
I release prophecies through my poetry
To those who try to tune in to my frequency
I leave timebombs that come in the form of soundwaves
Call the warning, new world like the Indians and Braves
The samurai, renegade, armed with a blade
And a team of armored knights on the war parade

Oh, who's eyes can see...