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Artist: 4th Disciple f/ ShoGun Assason
Album:  The Best of 740, Vol. 1
Song:   Tha Fall
Typed by: Cno Evil

[ShoGun Assason]
These be the chronicles of an Assason, starting your squadron
With the tool I'm a marksman
I aim for the darts and the hearts of colored men
There will be no fleeing, it's war and I ambushed it
Camouflauged, digging in the bushes
Before the pushes come to shove, I'mma pull it
Take these, hold down these bullets
Heavy heat talk loudly, the word of genocide
The hit was a premeditated homicide
And knowledge build God, is been original, rest in peace
As he lied and cease, and the caps peal, murdering increase
It's more beef, and more grief
As Allah's sons flood the street

[Chorus: 4th Disciple (ShoGun Assason)]
Yo, how many crews par, how many crews fall?
How many crews steady waiting for the downfall?
How many write hits, how many come equipped?
How many out there really build on some real shit, yo
(There's not enough real shit, all of it's fake
There's not enough real soldiers, all of them snakes
There's not enough true players, all of them hate
There's too many hustlers, not enough weight)

[ShoGun Assason]
Fuck killing them with kindness, I'mma dead 'em mentally
As well as physically, leave 'em with a holy body
There's no need for an autopsy, he die from a bullet, see?
I'm nice on the A.K.T.
The guns ready to pop off, blow ya top off
Ya'll niggas is soft like ass/tissue
White cloud, grab the mic and aim my weapon at the crowd
Wisely Analyze Reality, that's warfare
Bounce ya life, I don't care, and won't try to spare
Yeah I'm fully aware, that the ending is near
And I prepare for warfare, right here
So try me if you dare, I double dog dare you

[Chorus 2X]

[ShoGun Assason]
There's too many hustlers, and not enough weight
There's too many sleeping brothers, and not enough awake
There's too many sleeping brothers, and not enough awake