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Artist: 4th Disciple f/ Beretta 9, ShoGun Assason
Album:  The Best of 740, Vol. 1
Song:   Swordz
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Beretta 9 (ShoGun Assason)]
Yeah, mothafuckas! (I'm just a grind)
Chka-chka-chk... What up, babe?
(I ain't sayin' shit! Who it is... who it is
Yo yo... check it out... yo... yo..)
Killaville... {*echoes*}

[ShoGun Assason]
This is the beginnin' of ya ending
Punishment for the crimes that you did
All the generations that have done evil deeds
Don the seeds of Israel
The Tribe of Shabazz, we'll cast you into a lake of flaming fire
We takin' vengeance on the enemies
They shall fall before me
I'll bring my sword upon you to avenge all my quarrels
With the blood of slain captives and yo' death is my objective
I kill to heal the ills of worlds
I am he, there is no God but me
I Self Lord And Master
The Devil couldn't stop it how we dropped it on this topic...

[Hook: Masta Killa sample]
The battle was won by swordz bein' swung

[Beretta 9]
Do the knowledge or take footnotes
I sink battleships with light volts, conquer Great White Hopes
First platoon is no joke, third eye three times dope
I don't need no fuckin' scope, I rely on nothin' while others put they trust on hope
Listen out or you go for broke, real soldiers always cope
My hope reads in the cards, it's abide by God's laws
Arm Yourself, kid, Leg-Leg-Arm-Head
I break off yours, pressure jaw, leave you bled
Niggaz is lynched up, called ya bluff
You bitched up, snoozers best wake up
or get touched, Beretta 9's just too much
Watch me clutch, the mic in my hand like what!
Don't give a fuck, on the battlefield keep ya eyes pealed, guns concealed
Don't pull out 'til the peace's revealed
Got on ya shield? True indeed, dunn, teflon don
'Mazing arms, fire back when you so-called troops at Lebanon...

[Hook x4 - cut and scratched w/ ad-libs]

[ShoGun Assason]
The mind is a Silent Weapon so I pack knowledge in my clips
Do damage with hollow tips
In this Quiet War, the enemy is a manufacturer of death
They United the Nations for one devilish cause
To keep all cartridge concealed
They're afraid science will be revealed
But it's time to build, so I tell the truth to the Devil
To destroy 'im I'ma touch him with Heavy Metal
I only show my gun unless I'm blastin'
Spittin' rapid fire lyrics, black armored Gods battlin' in stockyards
My soldiers swarm in Jeeps on cops in squad cars...

[Hook to fade - cut and scratched w/ ad-libs]