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Artist: 4en6
Album:  4en6 Files 1.5
Song:   Shattered Nightmares
Typed by: @4en6

Damn my fucking feet hurt
I dove in feet first, hoping that this feat works
I can't stand this games, just wanna get to my seat first
Oh wait, I can't yet, why? We gotta rehearse
Well, I like this part of the game, so me first
You can bet I'm fresh ‘til death so what's left is a clean verse
I wish my only problem with my ex was that she flirts
Cuz damn she was bad, but oooh wait, she's worse
And she was just a lost cause, so I didn't keep here
Whatever, I'm back on the grind until my teeth hurt
No half ass or cheap work, with me at any interval
My father instilled a rich history like a Seminole
No inspector gadget shit, I'm global like Interpol
Me and some people don't mix well like certain chemicals
And I don't have to follow shit, I'm an individual
It's a fact that my impact is way more than digital
They say I'm out of control, why'd you unlock my bars
Told them my flow is out of this world, then they found water on Mars
Don't try to block my path, man I'm going to far
You'll get hit with something auto and no it's not a car
It'll stop you in your tracks like Tar from the town
As long as I stay on top of the flow, I'll never drown
I'll never sell my soul, I rather sell a pound
Don't stress now, we've all dealt with people and their lies
And yeah I had a girlfriend that fucked with other guys
But fuck her and gravity, I'm still on the rise
Before my dad died, I looked into his eyes
And realized the sky's not the limit, there's a bigger prize
Not the charts, cuz boards don't hit back, but I do
This another part of the game, I like my move
Guess what, now it's my turn, so my rules
I'm in the mirror asking what's the opposite of I lose