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Artist: 4en6
Album:  4en6 Files 1.5
Song:   Chainsaw
Typed by: The Hip-Hop Connoisseur

I guess you got what you came for
What's that, surgery with the chainsaw
He's got a chainsaw, he's got a chainsaw
He's got a..(chainsaw noise)

Verse: (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
True definition of an innovator
I'm hot as fuck I'm a living breathing incinerator
I'm dynamic, my hearts hooked up to a generator
This gladiators known for killing pussy and every track
Matter of fact, whenever I'm done, they put up their thumbs, I've been in favor
I'm on the right path so these haters talking reckless
I'm perceptive so believe me when I say make your way to the exits
'Cause I'm a take that trip to Texas and I'm a come back with that (chainsaw)
And it'll be a massacre, I'm a certified assassin
I asked the passenger, his one regret, he had his seat belt fastened
I cut quick in such a fashion, you actors won't make it past the casting
Take your top off without the flashing, it's a murder scene if I'm involved
I work like a machine with big dreams installed
Surpassed the average human years ago, I've evolved
I've concluded if you kill yourself, my problems solved
Had to deal with the headache you caused and I found something better than Tylenol


Verse: (Evil Dead)
This situations hopeless, somebody cue the vultures
The shit I spit is potent, my venom is corrosive
You can't stop it, it's like a rocket the momentum is explosive
When it's flowing compare it to oceans...wait a second for that sinking feeling
I felt I'm winning but their diagnosis was psychosis
Well I rep that "Wes" (West) and you can find death in the "Last House on the Left"
Didn't make it out of surgery, somehow it's still a success
You got heart, I can see it in your chest, so I took that (chainsaw)
And replaced my right hand with it, damn don't look so sad I'm a lift your spirits
It's natural to fear it, shit, as soon as you hear it you know not to go near it
All I did was make an appearance, obviously didn't care how you felt
Offer you help? Nope, fail, you better off just "off-ing" yourself
Would classify this as a loss to your health, and definitely would call it a crisis
Now you gassed up, oh yeah? Well let me get a light to ignite this nitrous
Because you can't leave people to their own devices
But when yours can leave them lifeless...priceless