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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   You Got Play'd
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

You got played

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
Nigga you got played cause your bitch fucked me fast
Every time you give her them snaps she bring 'em straight to Klas
You niggas need to recognize game
Cause comin up short for these hoes'll get you got, mane
And while you claimin you'se Mr. Mack
I got your bitch on her back comin up off the croker sacks
You shoulda been wise from the get-go
And you wouldn'ta got rolled like METRO
But Klas 1'll play the game like Nintendo
When you leave out the do', I'm comin in, bro
Bangin, slangin and droppin a load
In your bed on your spread and wearin your clothes
Cause uhm, yo woman is a bitch to Klas 1
And by the way, don't forget to get her hair done
I want the bitch lookin good when she layin on her back
Now Mr. Mackman, what you know 'bout that?

[ VERSE 2: Klas 1 ]
Nigga you got played cause your bitch say she pregnant
But not from you, fool, you'se ig'nant
Payin child support comin up short
And if you don't she'll have yo ass in court
Givin up the ends cause you tossed her
But a real ass nigga woulda ( ? )
You need to get gone before you get got
The bitch got a plot to get you for your knot
And after all that shit you still love her?
She ain't pregant, fool, you wore a rubber
But I'ma play, the bitch got paid
And all I can say, playa, is you got played

(Played like a poo-putt)

[ VERSE 3: Klas 1 ]
Nigga you got played cause your bitch is a freak
Givin up the ass to every nigga in a jeep
And on the cool, you need to chill
And slow your motherfuckin roll payin these hoes bills
Cause she claims she was talkin to her mama
Long distance, nigga, that was drama
But you still got caught in the mix
Instead of tellin that bitch to get the 86
But oh no, you'se a busta
Instead of whoopin her ass, nigga, you wanna trust her
The real players got a logo
Fuck the hoe, whoop the hoe and then duck the hoe
But you steady gettin played like a trick
Cause every time you kiss the bitch you suckin nuts dick
But I guess you'se happy
But ain't you're wonderin why your son call another nigga daddy?