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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Up 2 No Good
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Stick 'em up)

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
12AM I creep slow
Tryina get my jack on, nigga, but you don't hear me, hoe
I'm in the streets on the hunt
I got a Glock in the front, a pump in the trunk
Stopped at the light just waitin
'93 Cherokee creep slow on them gold Daytons
I rolled on his ass real slow
And stuck the Glock 9 through his window
Now he don't got a chance
He screams, "Please don't shoot!" as he shits in his pants
You can be black or a fuckin cracker
If you got what I want I'm gonna have to jack ya
I put the Glock in your fuckin mouth
And if you talk shit I blow your fuckin brains out
I'm gettin paid, so Chad don't give a fuck
And if you got a bitch I'ma throw her ass in the trunk
Down the street is another mark nigga in a Benzo
Bout to get killed for his ( ? )
He got brave and said, "Nigga, what's up-a?"
Look at you now, you stupid fucker
Another nigga in the white chalk
The wagon drove up and scraped his ass off the sidewalk
I had to get my serve on, now it's back to the hood
Cause Klas 1 is up to no good

(Give me what you got)
(Stick 'em up)

[ VERSE 2: Koo Rod ]
Another day in my neighborhood
Niggas try to catch me slippin because they know I'm livin good
Since every day isn't promised to me
Shit, I always pack a Gat and I creep 4 Deep
And now these fools wanna test me
But them hoes don't ( ? ) without a motherfuckin ( ? ) G
They thought they caught a nigga slippin at the sto'
With Glock 9 I blew one through the Stop-n-Go
And now this chick is talkin shit
You better shut the fuck up or prepare to die, bitch
I jump behind the counter steady gunnin
Five niggas tried to break like hoes steady runnin
Tryina make it to they six-fo'
But I blast on they ass and dropped two mo'
Damn, and now these cops wanna come with that ( ? ) shit
Yellin, "Freeze, lay it down on the pavement!"
But my niggas pulled up on the whistle
Popped the trunk and start lettin off missiles
I got the pigs on the run from the kill
Buckshots knockin cops through motherfuckin windshiels
And now we can't be stopped, hah
Playin tic-tac-toe with these redneck cops
That's how it is in my neighborhood
Save that drama for your mama, bitch, cause I'm up to no good