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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   True Blue Brother
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
I remember back in the days wearin BK's
Two lil' locs tryina keep from gettin our ass smoked
Steppin on the cut with our khakis sag
Givin up love to the homies with rags
Me and my nigga Pee Wee
Creepin through the hood, growin up nothin but thieves
In a blue six-fo' with the bumper jack
White rag-top, six pack in the back
Comin up the block we hittin switches
One-time's on our line, we peekin out the bitches
A car full of hoes'll pull beside me
Nigga, take out the gangster shit, put in some Isleys
Lookin like a couple of OG's
Two niggas in a posse slingin stones with the low key
Takin swigs of the 8 Ball
Smokin weed out, fool, hittin our names on the church wall
And givin the one-times a hassle
Gettin our scraps on with the other lil' rascals
Yeah, we was known as the gruesome twosome
And I sho' hate ( ? ) son of a bitch, had to do him
Caught my nigga slippin in the wrong click
Two buckshots laid him out quick
And now my nigga gone
But he still got love in the game so it's on
Cause it'll never be another
Like my nigga Pee Wee, he was a true blue brother

(A true blue brother)  --> Jungle Brothers

[ VERSE 1: Koo Rod ]
I remember times bein hard in the hood
So me and my nigga T was always up to no good
Whatever it took, that's what we did
I remember stealin the ice cream money from the little kids
We started part-time slingin
Then graduated to motherfuckin gangbangin
The big brother I never had, G
I mean T was the only thing I knew for a family
He taught me everything I know, bro
How to scrap, shoot craps and run game on a mark hoe
Without my nigga I wouldn'ta made it
Now that he's gone sometimes I feel I just can't fade it
Lord listen to my plea
Bring my homie back, I'm beggin, can't you hear me?
Why did it happen to my nigga?
I wish death on the sorry motherfucker who pulled the trigger
And I sure do regret
That my nigga had to die cause he claimed the wrong set
Real niggas don't die - that's a lie
Look into my eyes, these are real tears that I cry
So here's to you, T
Two sips of brew from the 4 Deep crew
You know there'll never be another
Like the OG T, hah, a true blue brother

(A true blue brother)