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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Takin' No Bull
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
I've got skills, skills, so nigga come test 'em
The wickedy-wicked shit comin straight from the Klas 1
Oh you wanna flex, get checked next, nigga
Come smaller come bigger, come deala with the trigger
The niggedy-niggedy-nine goes buck-bucka-bucka
As niggas stand and watcha, they homies just droppa
Straight to the ground, pick 'em up, come again
9mm bringin lives to an end
Straight to the year 2000 I'm killin
Caps I'm peelin, oh what a feelin
Oops upside your fuckin head, you're dead
Instead of tryina get away from the lead
The nigga Klas 1's got a gun havin fun
Ain't no escape white man, but a run
You're scared of the niggas but you fell in the pit
Of the 4 Deep, cracker, and we ain't takin no bullshit

(Nobody move, nobody get hurt)  --> Yellowman

[ VERSE 2: Klas 1 ]
Here's the return of the chosen one
I'm gone with the wind, with the wind I'm gone
Next to reflect, I'm smooth like sex
Mo' words than a index, mo' styles than a duplex
I'm a strong motherfucker from hard knocks
Takin niggas out with goddamn buckshots
Showin no pity, suckers be feelin shitty
Cause I run the city, come get with me
You got plans to come up, I'ma spoil it
You can save the weak shit for the toilet
How many times must I diss you?
Before I take a shit and use your rap as the tissue
I guess the last motherfucker didn't tell ya
That the Klas 1'll set you up for the failure
The wickedest motherfucker from the south
Now get my fuckin nuts off your chin and get your dick out my mouth
Fool, in '93 you best come equipped or get ripped
Cause we ain't takin no bullshit

(Nobody move, nobody get hurt)

[ VERSE 3: Klas 1 ]
Hear the ratatatat of the Gat
Niggas shoot you in your chest, blow a hole through your motherfuckin back
Cop killer, wig splitter, black Hitler
Hummin, comin, the Glock's gonna get ya
Niggas keep trippin, bitches keep riffin
That's why my nigga Big Boss 'caught ya slippin'
Now you're upset and you don't got a clue
You shoulda been down with the niggas that was true
Buster, clucker, punk motherfucker
How we gon' play him, Boss? (Like a sucker)
Don't start none and it won't be none
Cause if you start some you might come get bombed
So wear the motherfuckin shoe if it fits
Klas 1/4 Deep on yo ass, we ain't takin no bullshit

(Nobody move, nobody get hurt)

(Boss is in here rockin the beat)  --> O.G. Style